Remember falling on the ground in childhood while running or cycling, and end up having a bad scratch with the jeans torn out? The grass is softer than the road surface. Now imagine riding in normal pants on rough road surfaces, you will end up in a big disaster. That’s the reason why professional manufacturers have made Kevlar motorcycle pants with armor. I have seen many riders, both men and women wearing only a helmet while riding. According to riding professionals, a complete riding gear consists of Kevlar motorcycle pants with armor, jackets or hoodies, leather gloves, Kevlar pants liners and boots, eye protection and a full-face helmet. Either you are a city rider or racing professional, you need to be covered from head to toe. So, how motorcycle riding pants with armor are going to protect you from road bumps and impacts?

The material Kevlar I am talking about has been used in the making of tires, bullet proof jackets, car breakers, boats, and head of drums. It is extremely strong and lightweight, corrosion, and heat resistant. The best motorcycle jeans are made with Kevlar linings with CE-certified pocket armor. These motorcycle pants with armor will keep your legs safe from abrasion and will not be torn out in a single crash like normal pants. The best motorcycle pants have pocket armor in the knees, thighs, and buttocks, the area’s most likely to get hurt in an accident. These pocket armor will help absorb the energy of impacts from road bumps and other vehicles on the road. Some best motorcycle riding pants are made with double and triple stitching from the inside to make the pants highly abrasion resistant.

The CE-certified pocket armors can be removed when you are not riding and can be replaced with new ones. Some riders prefer wearing armor on the knees over normal denims. This can be highly dangerous as the armor can slip off your knees and the pants ultimately fall apart. The best motorcycle pants have armor tightly placed in the pocket or some have built-in stitched armors. Make sure that they don’t move while you are in your riding position.

If you are a beginner and about to go on city trips on your heavy bike, make sure you have a pair of best motorcycle jeans that fit you properly. The pants should not be too tight or too loose or else they can irritate or fail to provide required protection.

In addition to abrasion and impact protection, the next thing that men or women motorcyclists want is to look good. Leather jackets and pants obviously look more good and stylish, but most of the riders want something comfortable to ride in as most of them are office going and small-town trips riders. If you want to look casual and feel comfortable, Kevlar motorcycle pants with armor would be a very good choice. These denims come in different colors and designs, lined with Kevlar from the bottom of legs to waist.

These best motorcycle pants can be worn in summers, as they will provide resistance from sunburns and heavy dirty winds. In winters, the pants allow you to wear something warm under them. You can style your Kevlar motorcycle pants with armor with your Kevlar jackets or hoodies with leather boots or you can style them with leather jackets as well.