While the world is having fried meals everywhere, wheat crunch exporter brings wisest healthy snack options for all. People are eating unhealthy snacks because they are on the move and want something on their way- they choose food vans to get something to eat. Most of the time, these vans prepare oily, fried, and unhygienic food which may harm your health. So, it’s better to move on to healthier snack food options such as wheat crunch, oat flakes, rice crunch, muesli, etc. Here wheat crunch exporter will talk and explain how these alternatives can impact on your health and well being.

Wheat Crunch

Wheat is widely used as a cereal grain. The whole grain wheat kernel is made of bran, the outer layer, wheat germ, and endosperm, the innermost part. Wheat crunch is prepared from whole grain wheat and impacts on your health in a positive way.

Manufacturers of wheat crunch use premium wheat for their products. Unrefined wheat has complex carbohydrates, good protein count, and dietary fiber. Wheat germ is rich in vitamin E, vitamin B complex, thiamine, folic acid, and minerals like manganese, zinc, magnesium.

Major health benefits of Wheat Crunch –

  • Eating wheat crunch as a snack can greatly impact on your body weight and control it from making you obese. Women who include whole grain products in their regular diet never encounter obesity issues.
  • Wheat crunch snack is a good source of energy. The carbohydrates present in wheat will keep you feel full for longer hours and give you the energy to perform routine tasks.
  • Eating wheat crunch can prevent metabolic disorders in your body.
  • Having wheat crunch in your regular diet can prevent type 2 diabetes, gallstones, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and many other serious health issues.
  • Wheat crunch improves your metabolism.

Oat Flakes

People in Asian countries like India are having limited staple cereals such as wheat, pearl millet, gram flour, etc. But, slowly, they have started including cereals like oats to their staple diet. Oats are the powerhouse of energy, multiple vitamins and essential nutrients. Diet food cereals manufacturers use the best quality oats to prepare oat flakes. Oat flakes are the tastier snack option available to the people here and other nation.

There are benefits of adding oat flakes in your snack rack at home –

  • Oat flakes are rich source of fiber.
  • Oat flakes can help in reducing cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.
  • Oat flakes contain vitamin E, vitamin B, and essential skin nutrients to give you morning glow.
  • Oat flakes can solve your constipation issues.
  • Oat flakes contain essential minerals.

Rice Crunch

Rice crunch is famous across the world and people in Asia are making a lot of recipes with the product. Rice crunch is prepared from rice, which is naturally gluten-free. So, if a diet cereal exporting company is giving gluten-free rice crunch packs to their customers, it means that the product doesn’t have any malt syrup, or added ingredient that has gluten. It’s the best snack item for those who are allergic to gluten.

There are major benefits of having rice crunch as snack –

  • You get good portion of fiber content.
  • If rice crunch is made from brown rice, it will have little fat, zero sodium or cholesterol and limited calories. It’s a perfect diet snack for you.
  • Rice crunch snack provides you zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and B vitamins.
  • You can give rice crunch to babies in morning breakfast.
  • Rice crunch can be a good source of healthy protein.


Muesli can be bought from a regular store or can be prepared at home with basic ingredients. It is a fiber and protein rich brunch and snack option when made with raw, rolled oats and nuts. Cereals loaded with added sugar and flavors are too much tempting, but on the other side, they are too much unhealthy. Healthy muesli snacks don’t contain added or artificial sugar and flavors. The suppliers of muesli cereals put natural sweeteners such as raisins to add more value to their products.

There are major benefits of eating muesli at evening snack time –

  • The high fiber content present in muesli with the goodness of whole grains benefit your digestive system.
  • Muesli can help you reduce weight since it is a filling snack. You don’t feel hungry for a longer duration after having muesli.
  • Muesli is heart healthy snack. The beta-glucan present in the muesli reduces cholesterol level and improves your heart health.
  • Muesli is extremely nutritious. You can have vitamins B complex, minerals, and even omega fatty acids if it contains nuts and seeds.
  • Muesli is a flexible cereal providing you a good amount of energy. You can DIY muesli cereal and get ready for your routine task with extra power.