Creating a website is much easier with the home page software. You don’t need to know any HTML, CSS, Flash or Java code to create an amazing site when you use this software. However, not all home page software is created equally. Free versions may be tempting, but not all offer the same features or benefits. Sometimes it is better to pay a little money to save a lot of effort and trouble later. There are several things to look for when choosing the software to build your website.

The first thing to look at is the home page templates that the software offers. There should be plenty of templates to choose from, all of professional quality. There should be templates not only for the startpagina’s, but also for other pages on your site. These additional templates should allow for any design you may need to build your website.

The other thing to look for is customizable templates. You should be able to change the color scheme of any template to the one you want, and there should be plenty of color schemes to choose from. If possible, it would be great if the software allowed you to change colors on your own to create your own custom color scheme. You should also be able to change the graphics in the templates to the ones you choose. The more you customize your home page templates, the more unique your site will be.

Another thing to note is that the home page software must have a WYSIWYG editor available for use. You should be able to toggle between the visual editor and the WYSIWYG editor. The WYSIWYG editor is required to add HTML code and scripts to your site for tools that are not included in the software. There are many applications that require you to copy and paste the code on their website in order for them to work properly. This includes Google AdSense, Google Analytics, software and shopping cart forms.

Home page software should also come with many features and benefits. For example, your software must track the web pages it creates and how they relate to each other for the creation of a sitemap and a navigation key. The navigation key and buttons on the home page should update automatically every time you add a page to your site. The buttons and the navigation key need to be updated with the title you give your page, not just with a page number or a generic tag.

Finally, the software on your home page should be easy to use. Most website builders are so easy to use that a child can build a website, and many do it every day. Your software must run on a basic point-and-click system, where you simply make choices with a mouse click and the options will update automatically.