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It’s a tribute to Nathan Bedford Forrest and Thomas Stonewall Jackson and other Confederate officers that used the African Americans as combat troops.

The content includes dates of battles and events were black Confederates contributed as soldiers and not necessarily as cooks, body servants, Teamsters, and flunkies with Confederate historical Southern War leaders.

The real issue with me as an African-American is what northern historians are implying about the southern African-American male; In the heat of battle Black People, he becomes meek and cowardly in nature.

When southern white Confederate soldiers were surrounded by death, African-Americans who may have accompanied them as childhood friends or as body servants had no concerns about northern Yankee soldiers burning their homes. The southern African-American male slave was a coward to the core as many in my community relived, and only the African-Americans slave that escape to the north and joined their armies, who were ill-trained and used as shock troops were the only blacks heroic in the American Civil War.

Who is defined as a soldier, a clarification of terms is helpful.
Gen. August Kautz, in his 1864 Customs of Service for Officers of the Army: As Derived from Law and Regulations and Practiced in the United States Army, offers a very broad definition. In the fullest sense, any man in the military service who receives pay, whether sworn in or not, is a soldier, because he is subject to military law. Under this general head, laborers, teamsters, sutlers, chaplains are soldiers. At the end of the war, the Confederate African-Americans soldier received a pension for their participation as soldiers.

Most scholars have avoided the difficult task of linking any blacks to the Southern war effort, most scholars are simply afraid of confronting this great historical political paradox.

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