On hearing term “voice recorder” the only activity that cross our mind is recording songs, your favorite movie scenes, or batman, spiderman’s signature music, right? But there’s something to more to audio than just listening the music and podcasts on your headphones or speakers

A good audio device can be a useful handy tool whether you’re recording for taking notes in class for making sure you don’t miss anything important during an interview. It’s pocket friendly, reasonable, and best to use for multiple scenarios where the need to be perfect. The voice recorder maintain it niche as a gadget that does precisely what it needs to do

No more, and no less! Hence, if you’re willing to buy the best one trending this year then checkout some latest products from best digital voice recorder suppliers in the market

  1. Sony ICD PX333

This digital voice recording device has 4 GBS of internal flash memory and can record up to 44 hours of mono audio in 192 kbps MP3 quality. Moreover, it also offers a wise noise cut which is designed to reduce ambient noise during recording automatically

Its ap repeat function allow user set a beginning and an end of passage for loop playback. This recorder is powered by the two – included triple A batteries. Additional storage can be provided by its micro SD memory slot, and optional memory cards, you can place up to 98 track marks in each recorded file which can jumped to for playback with ADD and override capability adding to, or overwriting recordings during the playback is quick

Also, you can select a redetermined recording mode with push of button, automatically the unit will optimize setting for recording notes and lectures

  1. Zoom ZH1

This voice recorder has a built-in XY microphone that provides matched unidirectional microphone set at a 90-degree angle relative to another. Additionally, it features zoom Dario, recording technology, and studio quality microphones in the most natural, and most portable device ever

It records on micro SD cards and comes with a 2 GB card using 32 Gb micro SD card allows over 50 hours of recording time at 16 bit and 44.1 kilohertz with high speed USB 2.0 port, it allows for quick transfer  of audio files to  your computer, plus you can also use the stereo output jack to connect directly  with audio input under camera or bring sound into editing suite using USB connection, all its functions are at your fingertips such as; track markers, auto record  low cut filters, as well as level and volume control with an onboard button

  1. Olympus VN- 8100PC

This voce recorder has a 2 Gigabyte built – in memory that holds up to 843 hours of uninterrupted audio and to alkaline triple A batteries which provide up to 51 hours of battery life. It offers USB connectivity to your PC which enables the fast transfer of files, and ability to email edit, in archive, your ata, also the unit records in both MP3 and WMA files and has some features including; Voice activation, Microphone input jack, and multiple language support

It further features a large LCD for easy quick viewing of file locations, recording status, and battery life. The new front size setting allow you adjust the character size as per your needs. Moreover, the bright LCD supports and displays for languages English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese


  1. Zoom H6

The zoom H6 digital voice recorder comes with a full, large colored angled LCD that enables visibility whether mounted on a camera or strapped over the shoulder. It’s a portable handheld recorder, and USB audio interface that features an interchangeable microphone system

It also provides a secondary input for connecting an external mic or line level signal by stereo 1/8 of an inch mini jack with an enhanced data read speeds of up to 80 mb / s. This ultra SDHC memory card is intended to suit the requirements of reduced and mid – run – point and shoot cameras.

Besides, its also equipped with four XLR and TRS combo inputs for connecting external mic and line sources such as; microphones or mixers. This voice recording device also supplies phantom or plug-in power for condenser mic