Our Mom-tribe member and a teaching dentist by profession, Dr. Jyotsna Sriranga shares some vital tips to get you started on cloth diapering and gears you up for a successful innings ahead in this guest blog post.

My little one is eight months old now, but I started my cloth diapering journey almost a year back, four months prior to her birth. While I was pregnant, I was looking for alternatives to disposable diapers and started reading about cloth diapers. I came across Bumpadum and joined Bumpadum Circle on Facebook, fervently following all posts and comments, trying to slowly learn the ABCs of cloth diapering.

Though it all seemed like Greek and Latin initially–prefolds, inserts, shell, prepping–most things started making sense in a few weeks’ time and by then I was itching to get my hands on one of these diapers.

This post is essentially a primer of sorts for new moms where I share the doubts, concerns and dilemmas I had as a new mom looking to cloth diaper my child.


  • How did I zero-in on Bumpadum?


This is one of the biggest questions most moms are faced with. First, I did a thorough check of the price and reviews of most brands before purchasing anything. I also noticed that many mothers were selling their diapers and accessories on a Buy/Sell/Trade platform looking to purchase Bumpadum diapers. This influenced my decision heavily and I decided to go in for Bumpadum straight before experimenting with other brands.


  • To invest in newborn (Neo) diapers or not


I bought pre-loved diapers initially to test the waters. After using them exclusively from weeks three to seven, I bought the improvised Neo Version 2 just to see how it has been improved upon, and was very impressed with its quality. Had the Neo v2 been available when my daughter was a newborn, I would have definitely bought them new! (P.S. We still use the neo v2 at 8 months; it holds a pee or two now maximum)


  • The initial hurdles


Leaks, elastic marks and stinking preloved diapers – I had to experience it all before I could get my basics in place. One day I decided that I’d address every problem one by one and will not give up just yet. And so here we are, continuing our journey, more satisfied now than ever.


  • Doubts and learnings


  • Hip dysplasia – I was scared my baby will have hip dysplasia because of the diapers. I checked and found out that babies naturally keep their legs apart while sleeping and it has got nothing to do with diapers. The folks at Bumpadum helped me understand this better and now I can explain all this to everyone at home with conviction.
  • Wash routine – I learnt the importance of a good wash routine as our preloved diapers stank so much. Gave the diapers hot water rinses and stink problems went away. Now I stick religiously to the recommended wash routine.
  • Rashes – I had some trouble with rashes earlier, but once I got the wash routine figured out, it never came back.
  • Leaks – Initially I faced a lot of leaks in the diapers, and I just didn’t seem to get it right. But things fell into place with a patient understanding on how to put the diaper. I constantly checked videos and photos. More than anything, practice and practice some more!
  • Diaper elastic marks – From relatives who behaved as if I was torturing the baby to actually doubting that myself, I went through it all! The solution was very simple – tuck the elastics into the leg creases and don’t put the diaper on too tight. And it’s not too hard to do. The photo and video tutorials posted by fellow moms on Bumpadum Circle was extremely useful. Make sure to follow it step by step and you’ll be stunned by the difference.


  • Status at eight months – Economical and sustainable


Right now we have 20 diapers from Bumpadum and have been using only these exclusively. I would not have spent my money if I didn’t see it work. We use only modern cloth diaper at nights. Our little one sleeps through the night for 12 hours and have never found the need to change diapers in the middle of the night and it usually lasts us the entire duration. We no longer have any leak issues and our love for the organic cotton Aviva diapers is increasing by the day

Economy or environment, cloth diapers are a big win-win. I have spent way more on purchasing disposable diapers for my first born who was exclusively on them and am glad I didn’t have to go through it all over again for our daughter. We have made sure to absolutely avoid disposables even while on vacation and have been using our Bumpadums exclusively. After all, don’t we owe at least this much to our environment?

Overall, my advice would be to just hang in there. There is a small learning curve involved, but not too steep or overwhelming to be mastered. There is no better place than Bumpadum Circle to get all your doubts, concerns and queries cleared. Make best use of these online platforms and please do not give up if you don’t get it right the first time.

You’ve done the right thing by choosing to cloth diaper your child. Together we leave a little less trash on this earth and be proud of the choice you’ve made. Happy cloth diapering!

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