Education plays a vital role in all human being’s life. It is an essential tool that differentiates us from other living organisms of the earth. It empowers humans and makes the man the smartest creature of planet earth. It helps them to manage social, emotional and mental skills. It improves knowledge, skills and adds remarkable points in one’s personality. It is like a weapon to improve life. Most importantly, it gives the ability to read and write. The highly educated person grabs highly paid jobs. They stand out from all. All respects an educated person. Education is like a boon for poor people through which they can improve their lifestyle. Through education, we can become professionals in whichever profession we want whether it is a doctor, engineer, scientist, teacher, astronomer, and mathematician.

As the world is changing rapidly our lifestyles are too. Students are becoming smarter. Today’s world is competitive. To get admission in top schools, colleges, and universities is not an easy task. Students have to pass many competitive exams to get admissions. Now, Parents have started working on their children’s education from lower classes. To develop children’s personality school as well as tuition classes are important especially for classes 9 to 12. The main problem faced by these classes students are subjects like mathematics. They have to spend hours at tuitions after school. It makes them tired and frustrated. It affects their mental as well as physical health. Edusaksham solves this problem. It is a leading app which students of any class can use anytime, anywhere. They upload weekly assignments and tests to improve students the knowledge and to prepare them for competitive exams. Various study materials like 9 class mathematics study material are available on it from where students can prepare their easy notes.

Various studies concluded that if parents are engaged with children in their studies it adds a positive impact on children’s achievement. These apps also give importance to this fact and have a special feature. They design weekly or monthly reports of students and send them to parents regularly. These reports contain all information about child-like strong and weak skills in them and thus, provides the right guidance to them. Study materials of this app are specially designed by experts. Various state levels; center-level board syllabuses like CBSE class x maths study material for class x students are also available here. Specially, designed mock tests and amazing tips by experts to crack various difficult competitive exams make this app stand out of all. If you are worried about the studies of your child or as a student you have problems just download this amazing app. It will improve your skills perfectly. Continuous practice and use of this app will prepare to solve the toughest questions in various even most difficult competitive exams. This app is easily available on all app stores. So what are you waiting for? All students from all classes should try this app and make your studies easier like never before.