The first day of college and so many dresses to select from for the first-day appearance.


Because you know you need to make an impression, and the first day is more like a judgment day for a fresher.

The same goes for coming up with the most creative yet unique topic for college admission essay where you are not admitted yet but need to make an outstanding impression to make it through the college life.

The Common thing between both situations? The selection of one!

One Mesmerizing Dress                                                                                               One Amazing Admission Essay

How do we do that?

Well, we can’t select one until we have an option to do so from more than one! (Dress or essay topic)


Do You Know the Key Targets in Writing A College Admission Essay?

We do need options for selecting a topic for our admission essay but, do we even know how to write one?

Just like some special ingredients making the dish stand out by carefully garnishing with oregano. (Or an expensive herb) makes the dish a hero.

Because we are students, we tend to go for Free Essay Typer is known for or cook our own dish.

In our essay writing, we need the hero element as well. Before selecting one amazing topic for our essay writing, we need to grab our special ingredients.

  • Grab reader’s attention
  • Be You, Don’t be an anonymous author
  • Kill boredom
  • Play it with logics
  • Leave your reader with a powerful impression

How to make the selection out of many Topics?

If you are facing difficulties in selecting one topic which should be unique and interesting out of so many options then, you are not alone. Not to mention many students enjoy freedom in selecting their own essay topic while others require a provided list.

Let’s categorize our options like small pieces of fruit cake.

Let’s Select a Topic on Personal Character & Experience

What can be included?

  • Adventure
  • Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Favourite Book
  • A Certain Habit

There are many ways to write on an experience that could be influential or with a positive impact and also on our personal character. Facing the harsh realities and how we feel in certain situations coping up with the world.

Give your opinions and share your perception.

  1. Do you think the death penalty should be banned forever and why?
  2. How a writing habit led towards a professional author’s life?
  3. The day of a torn dress and extremist culture
  4. 10 things that mindful people do every day
  5. How a trip to the village affected my peace of mind
  6. Chewing nails! Nasty or Nice?

Selection from Health Topics

We can’t ignore the rising health issues or innovation in health sectors. Let’s get a view!

  1. Vegetarianism! A Habit or a Choice?
  2. Overweight or Anorexia. What’s in between?
  3. Is Insomnia a Mental Disease?
  4. What majors should be taken for Survival from Coronavirus?
  5. Will Coronavirus wipe out the population of China?
  6. AI is positively improving health sectors

We can come up with many more topics if we are specifically focusing on the health sector. The world is flooded with health issues from all the age groups which is not even limited to humans but animals count as well.

The animals relating to health can be widely discussed.

  • Animal Rights
  • Animal shelter issues
  • Stray animals and their wild habits
  • The dos and don’ts for a pet animal
  • How animal adoption is affecting the wildness
  • Injured & lost animals from Australian Bush Fire

And so on, these can be a great start for an essay on animals and when it comes to homo-sapiens you might want to select a generalized category then move towards a specific role.

The Health Worries All!

Ethics & Society

How the right way of doing the right thing in one region differs the right way of doing the right thing in another region!

Right on one side could be wrong on the other side!

This raises so many amazing topics to write a great best essay writing UK on by going through the ethics of different states and cultures along with the society’s reactions and practices.


  1. Would you choose to stay silent on popular kid bullying?
  2. Will you cheat on a test and break the rules for a grade?
  3. Are you ready to get rich with black money?
  4. The rights of a transgender
  5. How society should accept the third gender
  6. Is an Ethical Dilemma a mental Disease?
  7. Social media and its effects on human socialization
  8. Adopting a child from a different ethnicity


Here we can give you the backbone for your essay topic by revealing the wide areas of ethics and societal world.

  • Ethical roles in business
  • Workplace ethics
  • Moral values differ!
  • Ethical Values in different cultures
  • The issue due to different ethical dilemmas
  • The decision of right or wrong

These general aspects can be discussed very deeply through the right state of affairs and the collection of authentic facts and figures. You can come up with great topics yourself by our general topic ideas.

It’s a win-win!

Smartly Use Trends!

Don’t think the latest trends can be a part of a formal college admission essay? Well, think again!

There are two ways to do things. The hard way and in this situation the smart way! So, use the trending topics (which could be related to any genre) to smartly generate an amazing essay.

Kylie Jenner! Are we on the same page? How can we use her for a formal college essay?

She’s a BRAND! Brand leads to the business, business leads to consumers and a vital role in the economy.

The chain will go on! Just take the right corner and you have millions of essay topics yourself. But, let’s get some immediate ideas, shall we?

  1. How does fashion influence on student’s life?
  2. Who’s the king? Apple or Android?
  3. Facebook – losing it all?
  4. Snapchat as the most-used business start-up kit
  5. AI is taking over the world
  6. Will humans be replaced with bots by 2035?

Ending It:

We can consider many genre’s while, writing an admission essay. It could be from a technical side, innovation, experience, ethics, society, cultures and traditions, fashion trends, economical issues, visual & arts, business start-ups, inspirational personalities and so many more.

But, we have provided you with the latest specific topics to write your college admission essay and lure the reader towards your write-up by the most amazing and interesting title and topic.

Who’s the Author?

Naomi Tennant is working as a digital marketer since 2008 and is an expert in research and finding the latest trends. Currently working as a senior writer at Master Essay Writers. She has done her MSc Marketing and Business from the University of Edinburgh and likes to read.