Accessories play a very crucial role in elevating our entire look. Accessorizing right can lead you to look like a complete queen whereas the otherwise can make look dishabille. And I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be seen into that state. And belts are one such accessory that is often overlooked. More than choosing shoes, belts can be hard to choose.

Earlier, a belt is used to hold the bottom wear but in a few years, it has emerged as an important part when it comes to accessorizing an outfit. And I love how a belt can transform an outfit from frumpy to fabulous. It’s a boon to the fashion vale. Add some drama to your outfits using these beautiful accessories

So, if you are shambolic to team up an outfit and a belt altogether, then let me tell you have landed in the correct place. This article will clear all clouds of doubt of styling a kind of belt with which outfit. Just give it a read to the end to know all about styling a belt with an outfit.

1.Skinny belt

A skinny belt is perfect to style an outfit which consists of baggy structure like blazers or for making the look complete like palazzo/culottes. This delicate piece brings all the definition to your waist. However, avoid skinny belts if you are wearing a skirt and a top or wearing too baggy clothes or too tight clothes. This belt looks best with loose dresses, blanket scarves, palazzo’s, etc.

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2.Medium-sized belt

A medium-sized belt is such a versatile piece that can be styled with so many clothing pieces. It just fits with almost every outfit. It looks best with denim, blazers, dresses, etc. You can even style it with a saree suiting the vibe of the saree.

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3.Wide belts

Wide belts can prove to be a good pair with open oversized shirts, dresses, Kurti, etc. People having longer torso can rock this belt by creating an illusion of a smaller waist. Whereas beauties having smaller torso should avoid this species of the belt rather they can opt for belts having a smaller width.

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4.Corset style belt

This category of the belt has that extra oomph factor to make you look sexy instantly. Cinching the waistline so perfectly that it gives an illusion of a perfect hourglass figure. Ladies with smaller torso should pick a corset belt with lesser width as opting for longer width can cause you to look weird. It looks best with an oversized t-shirt, dresses, a shirt- dress, a skirt, and a top, etc.

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5.Rhinestone belt

This belt is widely used as a jewelry piece to enhance the look Of the outfit. With the resurgence of 90’s fashion, this category of belt seems to make a comeback once again. This belt is not something that you can use to hold your bottom wear.  This belt looks best with monochromatic dresses, denim, etc. And in other cases, you can even style it with blazers too.

Source:  Instagram | @anisasojka

6. Double buckle belt

This waist cincher is classy yet so stylish that adds an extra charm to your entire outfit. Although, this species isn’t that common it is in vogue right now. And different fashion influencers and celebs are choosing this piece to enhance their styling game. This belt looks best with relaxed fit cargo, denim, dresses, etc.

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7.Fabric belt

Fabric belt has been in trend for a very long. It has been used ever now and then to achieve a chic look. It comes with a large variety of shapes, sizes, and texture of the buckle and fabric. It generally looks best with casual clothing pieces.


8.Chain belt

Chain belts are also used for styling purposes like rhinestone belts. Chain belts are generally dainty and renders a vintage kinda look. This belt look best with denims, figure hugging dresses, pants etc. Avoid styling this belt with heavy and bulky clothing pieces like blazers, trench coat etc due to its dainty and delicate nature.     


9. Metallic belt

A bit of metal doesn’t hurt when it comes to styling. Metal belts can be styled with solid colored clothing pieces and due to its shiny nature, it doesn’t go that well with light colors. But it does look good with denim, dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, etc.

10.Fanny belt

How can I forget everyone’s favorite belt these days, yes I am talking about the fanny belt here. It is highly used by most of the female population as well as by the male members of the society too. I am pretty sure that we all have at least seen it somewhere or have owned it. It is used with almost every garment. It looks cool and the major plus point is we can roam around hands-free by putting our essentials into it and for once we don’t have to carry a bag.


11.Peplum belt

Yes! You read it right. This kind of belt does exist. And you can use it to hide extra tummy fat that peeks out every time you wear something fitted. This belt provides the extra volume and hence balances out the whole look by rendering a touch of playfulness to your entire outfit. This belt looks best with fitted tops and dresses. Be it fabricated peplum belt or be it leather belts, you can choose yours from a variety of peplum belts. 


Know then to belt or not to belt

It’s really important to know when to belt the outfit and when not. As we all know less is always more. Abort the idea of wearing a belt when it is not adding charm to your outfit and rather making you look like a fashion victim. And always be careful while styling statement clothing pieces as adding extra statement accessory only going to make you look like an example of fashion disaster.

Now, by this guide, you must have understood the kind of belt you should choose with your different outfits. So, go and rock the fashion game. And don’t forget were the smile and your confidence that outshines everything you wear.