Wifi range extenders are great for those who have trouble getting wifi signals in all the areas of the house. The Netgear wifi range extender can be easily bought according to your need and then it can be setup up by either of the two methods – web based method of mywifiext or the WPS method of push button or pin. Both the methods are quite easy and it can be done following simple steps that you can find in the user manual which comes along with the Netgear wifi range extender. You can also see the below given steps of the WPS pin method in order to setup your wifi range extender.

Methods of Configuration

The Netgear wifi range extender has two simple methods of configuration which can be followed easily. One is the web browser method where you have to go to the site link mywifiext and the other is the WPS (Wifi Protected Method). The WPS method also has two procedure in it, you can follow any of these – Push button method or the Pin method. Below will be given the steps for Pin method –

  1. Place your extender near the router
  2. Connect the extender well with the computer
  3. Open a web browser on your computer
  4. Enter www.mywifiext.net in your internet browser address bar
  5. Sign in utilizing your client name and secret word
  6. The Status page shows
  7. Snap or tap the Settings > Do More > Connect Devices (WPS)
  8. The Connect Devices (WPS) page shows
  9. Select the Pin Number radio button
  10. Type the PIN of the wifi gadget in the field
  11. Snap Next
  12. Your WPS PIN is associated
  13. To confirm that your Wifi gadget is associated with your extender’s wifi organize, select Settings > Connected Devices.

Now your wifi range extender is configured successfully with the help of the WPS pin method and you can move it to a different location where the extender receives good signals from the router. After you have found the right spot you can place it there and connect all your wifi enabled devices with it to enjoy uninterrupted smooth connectivity, faster internet speed, HD video streaming wherever you are in your home or office without any buffering etc.

Customer Support

In case you face any kinds of errors or difficulty while configuring your wifi range extender by the WPS pin method you can try resetting your wifi range extender by pressing and holding the reset button with the help of a pin or paper clip. This will restore all the factory default settings of the wifi range extender and you can try setting the extender again. If this also doesn’t work then you can just call the customer support team without any hesitation to get expert advice and solutions for any kinds of issues or errors.

To utilize WPS to associate with your wifi arrange you need to ensure that your router is getting power (the Power LED is lit). Check the WPS guidelines for your PC or wifi gadget. Press the WPS button on your router. Inside two minutes, on your PC or wifi gadget, press its WPS fasten or adhere to its guidelines for WPS associations. Your PC or wifi gadget associates with the wifi arrange. Also when endeavoring WPS association, guarantee your customer gadget is in a similar room as the wifi router.