If your website is constantly slowing down due to high use bandwidth by other sites sharing your server then it may be time to upgrade to a dedicated VPS Hosting Japan. But there are 5 main considerations of why you shouldn’t. Consider these before you upgrade.


How much of the server are you really using that may cause you to move up to a VPS Hosting Japan is the first question you must ask yourself. If you place all of your energies in one basket by operating only one website that has critical data and you need absolute security then upgrading to a dedicated server may be a consideration. However, if you are continually adding new websites, then there are other factors that come into play.


Cost is certainly the main focus for most people contemplating a move to a VPS Hosting Japan account. The minimum cost is triple above what you are currently paying each month for your unlimited bandwidth, email, etc. If your website cannot generate enough money to support a dedicated Japan VPS Server, then it makes no sense to spend the extra money.

Technical limitations

Before you jump into an upgrade, you do need the technical expertise to keep the website running since you will be using your own software to control and change your portion of the server to your specifications. Knowing what software to use and how to use it is really something to consider before moving to a Japan VPS Server account. Don’t upgrade if the tech part is above your pay grade.


A reseller program is very similar and it may be a way to upgrade without getting a VPS Hosting Japan. The difference is that the reseller program does not allow access to the root directories and requires less technical know-how. The hosting company manages the server, and you can host other web sites as well. Reseller programs are about half the cost of a Japan VPS Server plan.


Don’t upgrade until you exhaust some of the alternatives. For example, if you are operating multiple websites, and you are being asked to upgrade because you’re reaching capacity, it may be a better solution to move some of the sites to a new hosting company. In fact, putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea.

There are many successful site owners who have found more efficient and easier ways to get what they want by learning as much as they can about hosting companies and the programs they offer.

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