Best salons in Gurgaon : People rejoice as salon work resumes in Gurgaon but with a ‘health’ twist! From PPE kits to cashless payments and even wearing shoe covers before they step in, customers will now be greeted with a whole ‘health protocol’ when salons reopen across the country. Because the Coronavirus lockdown measures ease at some places in India, some Best salons in Gurgaon have opened and other people are finally getting to avail much awaited services in two months. Since the Coronavirus scare has not completely vanished even in these parts, the question is what quite preventive measures are often taken while resuming normal activities.

According to a report by the IE, workers at Best salons in Gurgaon are using PPE kits, cashless payments, disposable equipment so as to make sure that there’s no transmission if anybody who walks into the salon who has the infection. For patrons who walk into these salon, the stress is clearly that salons are sparing no effort to make sure their safety when it involves ensuring that their premises and services are up to the mark and totally meeting hygiene protocols within the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

With the commencement of every lockdown phase, the govt is mapping the danger of transmission then deciding whether to permit access for more services or not. After analysing, the govt has eased some restrictions like salons so people are offered more services, a breakthrough into bringing their lives to what it had been before Coronavirus

COVID-19: How Best salons in Gurgaon are functioning and what best practices are they adopting?

The IE report further suggested that during a few salons, only those that have the appointment are allowed to enter and that they also are regulating the amount of individuals inside at one go. This, therefore, helps to take care of the government’s guidelines of social distancing. Aside from this, the report said, customers and employees need to sanitise their hands before entering and even have to urge tested for temperature. Some have also began to use the private Protective Equipment (PPE) kits which is currently recommended for healthcare workers. Aside from this, masks, and gloves are employed by all.

Best salons in Gurgaon, The report added care service providers have also focused on using all disposable sheets, towels and waxing kits. The tools used also are being sanitized repeatedly along side the chair customer sits in, floors and windows, the report said. so as to make sure the within of parlour remains clean, some people also are asked to wear shoe covers.

The preventive measures are strict that even paper isn’t used within these Best salons in Gurgaon. Magazines, papers which were earlier kept for users to pass their time, have also been removed because that’s one among the things frequently employed by customers. Moreover, the transactions have also been shifted to cashless payments which will require no touch.

In India, these permits are granted to those areas that belong under orange zones. While permits are there, salon facilities are only available for between 9 am and three pm twice a week- Wednesday and Saturday. The govt will allow more places to open salons depending upon the amount of COVID-19 cases therein area. For patrons and salons, this provides a much-needed relief during the lockdown phase.

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