Finally, the day is here, I am talking about the dreaded day when I would have to write about Covid-19 in a gamer’s blog. Well, as we all know how this virus has forced us to change the way we work, teach, and socialize. It has also made a huge impact in the mobile game development companies’ and iPhone App Development Company world.

Gaming Events:

As everything is at a standstill, events and gathering everywhere including the world are being postponed and cancelled in response to Covid-19. GDC, EVE, FanFest, and even E3 are no longer taking place in their usual form.

GDC’s organizers are streaming presentations online about the new gaming releases but I think this was a very crucial time to have such showcasing events as fans are eager to know about the future of console gaming with the two biggest competitors launching their latest consoles this holiday season.

Call of Duty Warzone:

Speaking of new releases Call Of Duty Warzone has come out the gate swinging, the new free to play battle royal was released this March and already has a legion of players. Just during the first hour of release there were 6 million players playing the game across the globe and this quickly became 15 million in the first four days.

User Increments On Different Gaming Platforms

This pandemic has become the cause people to self-isolate and due to this the gaming world has never before witnessed record-breaking users. CSGO has reached a million concurrent users the most players it could ever host in the game’s seven year history while Football Manager 2020 recorded 89,000 users even four months after its release.

Over the past few weeks Steam has hit record numbers with above 420 million concurrent users with 20 million player’s online and approx. 6.4 million active users playing video games.

The Future Of New Releases:

These are very tough times there is no denying but one silver lining we can take here is that here hasn’t been a better time in the world to be gaming. With new releases coming like the Last of Us 2 which is just a month away, one can only imagine the reception the game would get.

We all know that we are social beings but with Covid-19 forcing us to stay indoors it can get a little tough to be social. So here are some of the best games to keep you social while you practise social distancing:

Sea of Thieves:

What better way to take your mind off things by gathering a bunch of friends together and taking to the high seas in a pirate adventure. The player can explore islands, fight huge sea monsters and of course other pirate ships.

The game allows you to play with four players in your immediate party but one can play with even more players if you play nice with other crews on the same server. This game is available on PC, Xbox and is also available through Xbox game paths.

Rocket League:

This game is like football but instead of players you have got rocket cars and one of the best things about this game is that it supports cross-platform play. The player can have a team of four players and it does not matter if any of the players play from their PC or their consoles.

The game features amazing events, time-limit modes and to top it off one can also modify their rocket car which adds a flour full personal touch. The game is available for Xbox, Playstation, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Jackbox Party Pack:

This is a party game full of funny mini-games and with this game it’s all about playing together in groups. The players can choose from a lot of fun filled party games like trivia, drawing, guessing tru or false statements and word association games.

Jackbox has seen a heavy amount of expansion recently, so there is something to suite the taste of everyone. Up to eight players can play this game together using their phones, tablets, and controllers which makes this game a little bit more accessible for people who aren’t used to playing video games at all. Jackbox Party Pack is available on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Friday The 13th:

This game is a horror movie come to life and is a great game to play with your friends. The player plays as a teenager trying to escape from the camp with Jason Voorhees on the hunt for you. The game features loads of weapons, missions and is probably the most freighting game of hide and seek you will ever play.

So load up this game, gather everyone in a pie chat and have a great time. You can play with up to seven friends online which makes this game perfect for bigger group of players. Friday the 13th is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, Playstation and Xbox.

Monster Underworld:

This game is about chasing down monsters with your friends, level up your character, get new weapons and armored core 6. The battles with monsters are super tough and can take up to twenty minutes. But nothing beats the great feeling this game gives you when you defeat a monster.

You can have 4 players in your party, mix and match your gear. The game offers plenty of weapon styles to learn and is one of the most beautiful games present on current generation of consoles. The game also received a large expansion pack called the Monster Underworld Ice-Born which offers even more content to play through. The game is available on Playstation, Xbox and PC game When does sons of the forest come out