Yes! the New Year’s Eve party is all you waited for. Try some bling with the nudes in your lipstick. Here is a guide to be an eye turner in the party.

Dark Maroon Lips with Ruby Bling:

For this look, you need to have an empty lip gloss container and pour in the deep maroon gloss you have. Now add some maroon spherical gems and glitter into it, to blend in well add two drops of essential oil or rubbing alcohol. Shake it well before applying.

  1. Make an outer line of your lips with a dark maroon lip pencil, creating a flawless appear out lip shape.
  2. Now shade inward from the corners of your lips to create a dramatic effect.
  3. Apply the lipgloss generously and mix it well. For more bling, pat some more gloss on the center lip.
  4. Place some ruby gems or red color stones on your lips, the thick gloss will help them staying stick to your lips, if you need any extra strength for binding, you can simply make a dot with eyelash glue, and a toothpick on the lower and upper lips, then place the gem.

This look would go Bling Bling, with coal-black embellished turtle neck dress, pure white lace dress, nude skin color silk, or satin ball gown, and deep green velvet dress for the fun and ultimate look to chill in the snowy night. Just grab a cosmos drink when you are ready.

Gold Is Never Old:

Golden robes, skirts, and clutches are never out of the league.

Try these glittery gold nostalgic trends to glam up the winter eve.

  1. Create a smooth base on the eyelid matching your skin tone, and apply deep brown eye shadow on the lid crease.
  2. Bake your eyelids with pearl dust gold and dull gold eye shadows.
  3. Add golden glitter to in the inner corners of the eyes.
  4. Apply black or charcoal eye shadow on the deep brown, blend it to the half of the brown crease.
  5. Now apply the nostalgic, superfine arch winged eyeliner from the late 60s, and polish your eyelashes with mascara.
  6. Paste some golden gems, stars, or glitter beads in tiny size on the outer corner of the lash line.
  7. Spray on the fixer and wear lipstick.

You can wear this look with a maroon dress, or black silk gown, a good party dress in gold can also be enchanting with this look. Wear some nude lipstick or copper brown. This look even gets better with deep red velvet lips.