Cricket has been a top sport in the world because of the players and fans, especially in the modern era. In the sporting landscape, the beautiful game of cricket has made real progress in terms of becoming a fan-friendly and player-oriented sport. It has happened mainly because T20 Cricket has brought a shift in the sport in terms of match time for the fans and allowed the players to express their game even more. This format has been that paradigm shift that cricket needed to compete with the best sports in the world.


A T20 match finishes in 3 hours in comparison to the Test match going on for 5 days and the ODI match being played for 1 day. Fans from all walks of life whether students and office goers have engaged with T20 format better because it is fast-paced and quite a thrilling game. For the players, the T20s allows them the freedom to be more attacking in terms of scoring runs and taking wickets. In terms of betting, T20 Cricket has helped the bettors earn massive rewards because the financial value of the game has increased. Bhaiji provides the cricket betting tips that allow the bettors to place their wager on cricket matches of any kind in a professional manner.


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