A burger is a major and main part of fast and one of the oldest items in fast food. In the beginning, it was just the burgers that were available and later on they evolved in various other fast food products. Also, other items like sandwiches, wraps and tacos were created then. However, the basic idea behind the fast-food items irrespective of what they are in the same. They all have bread, flour and meat common in them. Other ingredients like vegetables and salads may vary according to the type of burgers. 

Most commonly ordered item:

Several reasons make burgers the most commonly ordered food. One if that is its rich and highly delicious taste. The imprudent like bread, meat, eggs, salads and some sauces are all combined to make protein-rich fully tasty burgers.

Types of burgers:

Initially, there wasn’t much variety present in burgers as it is today. Now you can get different types of burgers with different taste. You can also get your favourite burger which is of one type with one type of ingredients. With the passage, the food makers and various chefs related to food industry started experimenting in burgers which led them towards creating several types from one basic burger. Today you can find a huge variety of burgers. Some of the types are here as below:

  • Patty burger
  • Egg patty burger
  • Beef burger
  • Tuna burger 
  • Salmon burger
  • Chilli burger
  • Rice burger
  • Hamburger 
  • Bacon burger
  • Cheeseburger
  • Grilled burger
  • Veggie burger
  • Fish burger
  • Mushroom burger
  • Jalapeno burger
  • Turkey burger
  • Black bean burger

All these burgers have different ingredients and taste differently as per the items present in them. You can have any of your favourite ones.

Famous burger restaurants:

It was the restaurants where people used to go to enjoy the burgers initially. Later on, they started preparing them at home. But preparing at home is a bit difficult because it takes a lot of time. Even today people mostly prefer to go to restaurants to enjoy the burgers. Some of the restaurants make their signature burgers and are famous for that. Here are few fast-food restaurants listen down from where you can get any type of burgers and they are popular due to their scrumptious burger:

  • Macdonald’s 
  • Burger King
  • Fat burger
  • Optp 
  • Hardees
  • KFC 
  • Fry chicks

Some of these food companies are multinational and have their franchises operating in several countries so that no matter what the location is, customers can enjoy healthy and delicious burgers of all types. At any of these restaurants, you can find a vast range of burgers quite easily.

Some relishing burger recipes:

There are several kinds of burgers having different ingredients and different methods to prepare them. But few ingredients are the same in almost every burger and they don’t change. However, every burger has its taste and delight. Here are few most eaten burgers with their recipes:

Beef burgers:

To prepare beef burgers at home, you need good quality burger buns. You can use some of the top branded buns because they are fresh and good. Then you need a beef burger patty which us just like a piece of beef. You can grill it, fry it or bake it as per the choice. Then you need a few salads like onions, tomatoes, capsicum and lettuce etc. You can place all these ingredients in layers on one slice if burger, add your favourite sauces and seasonings and wrap up with the second slice of the burger. A delicious, healthy and nutritious beef burger is ready.

Egg patty burger:

Egg patty burger as it is apparent from the name has eggs in it instead of meat. You need the same ingredients as bread slices, egg, kebab, and salad and tomato ketchup. Fry the egg and kebab separately in some oil. Place them in order on a burger slice; add some tomatoes ketchup, onions and lettuce. Then put the other slice of the burgers over all these ingredients and egg patty burger is there. It is very delightful due to different ingredients which are present and combined with different condiments and sauces.

Fish burger:

Fish burger has almost the same ingredients as other burgers except that or has fish in it. Also, you can prepare a fish burger quite easily at home. You need a grilled or baked fish slice, some tomatoes, chillies, onions, lettuce, condiments, sauces and bread slices. Placing all these mentioned stuff in order on one piece if the burger and closing it with the other makes fish burger ready. You can enjoy it with zone fries and soft drinks. It would serve as a proper meal full of energy for you. 

How to keep your burgers preserve for a long time?

Burgers are very sensitive good items and it is so because of the mild ingredients those are present in them. These ingredients might damage the burger if they are not properly packed. For restaurants and food cousins which regularly make burgers, need a really good quality packaging like burger boxes which are specially used to pack burgers. Thee boxes are made of very resilient and good materials which preserve the burgers from any outside damage. They also keep them warm and maintain their nutritious value. Similarly they are good to keep the burgers stored for some time.

Use a designed packaging for burgers on some event:

If you need burgers to serve as a meal on some event, you need them in huge quantity. For that, you can get custom boxes because they are of a high standard. And they will accord the burgers on your specific event. They will help to increase the beautiful sight of the food and add colour to your event. You can get designed packaging at quite cheap rates. You can also get it with the usage of your specific colour combinations and prints. So try to be more creative and use these boxes which are the perfect treat for your burgers.