Someone who gets migraine attacks for the rest of his/her life will always run towards every closest treatment possible – to dispel the unbearable pain. Several medical advancements are there to deal with the chronic pain, but at times they do not offer satisfactory results. This is the reason most of the people turn for alternative methods to manage pain. best organic facial spa LA

One such alternative is getting daith piercings. Located in the cartilage of the inner ear, people believe that this can alleviate the pain because of migraine. Let’s check out what does the experts’ think of it.

Connection Between Migraine and Daith Piercings

The basic common line attached with migraine relief and daith piercing is acupuncture. For those who don’t what it is, acupuncture is an age-old Chinese medicine-based approach for treating different conditions by triggering certain points on the body through needles. It has emerged as one of the most popular alternatives for migraine and other types of headaches.

The concept of daith piercing relieving migraine pain became popular in the mid of 2010s. People said that daith piercing activates a pressure point and this help in getting relief from migraine symptoms.

The pressure points in the ear are present in very specific locations, and only professionally trained acupuncturists can identify it properly and make sure that the piercing is in the right spot.

But considering the clinical point of view, several experts have stated that no adequate evidence are there that clearly suggest the efficacy of daith piercings in easing migraine pain. It’s just anecdotal accounts where some people think that they have got the benefit. Whether it relieves migraine pain, you must go for piercing or kid’s ear piercing in the Gold Coast as well as in other places to look good and to add charm to the appearance.

Should You Get Daith Piercing?

For all those worried about the pain of getting a daith piercing, it is important to note that the pain of split-second for the piercing is nothing than having a full-blown migraine attack for hours. Another great thing is that it is not permanent and in case the results are not as expected; one can take out the piercing

Of course, no one can stop from continue wearing the piercing as it looks good also. Irrespective of the decision you make, make sure to get a consultation from the concerned artist. You may get in touch with top piercing and tattoo artists in the Gold Coast as well as in other location to discuss about the options and to get a clear picture of the same.