Data science is basically the application of a combination of mathematical, statistical, analytical and programming skills for the collection, organization and interpretation of data to allow effective and adequate management of the company whose data it is.

The work of such a scientist is trending worldwide. The demand for such scientists is enormous, more than the number of available candidates. A recent report explains that the demand for these scientists has increased by more than 50% since last year.

These scientists, often called big data experts Mahdi Mamouri, are a perfect combination of mathematician and computer scientist.


They are the analysts who do data science. Their job is to conduct research and analyze data to extract useful information from raw facts and figures, and then translate the information into useful information to help organizations predict growth and development. They help organizations find solutions to business problems and issues by analyzing data using their skills and experience.


The data scientist is the one who can perform many different aspects of data processing, but not necessarily be an expert in any of them, which in short is called a “cat of all trades.” The person who wants to become a data scientist must possess mathematical skills, statistical skills, and programming skills and must have a detailed understanding of all of them. This person also needs to have a solid understanding of the business in order to fully solve business problems and develop sound business strategies for the future. Only then will you be able to apply your skills effectively to the organization in which you will work.


Top companies, as well as startups, need data scientists because of the sheer amount of data that flows in organizations’ databases. Top business concerns include Flipkart, Amazon, and LinkedIn, and startups include Accenture, Heckyln, and DataWeave.

They are in high demand by the companies and startups mentioned above. The salary prospects are high, ranging from 5 lakhs to 1 Crore. The high demand indicates how their role transforms the organization into a more successful and profitable one. These scientists (the Big Data experts) help the organization make smart, logical decisions, increase business profitability, and help them navigate the path of growth and development.


The job as a data scientist can be a complete transformation for an individual in their career. A career in the field of data analysis is an extremely promising field and will result in a challenging and rewarding career. The data scientist profession is the best career option in your life. Chase it and improve your career.