First, let us ask you a question! How many of you are electrical engineers or professional certified electricians? Well, almost none of you. Then how can you believe in a certain fact without asking the experts about it? Well, that is how myths are formed. And believe us, the myths around electricity can be really dangerous!  

Let’s brush off common myths about electricity! 

Electricity is a boon. But the myths around it can either turn it into a curse or can make you appear a fool. So today, we are talking about those myths that are trending amongst the locals about electricity. But before that, we have a suggestion for you! Remember, the moment you hear such kinds of myths, make it a point to contact Mark Salmon Electrical in Darwin, the electrician that knows it all! They’ll properly enlighten you about these issues and even help you solve any emergency electrical matters in your home.

  • It’s only 100 volts! — Well, heard that? You say, it’s only 100 Volts! But we say, it’s actually “a 100 Volts”. (Screaming loudly). A Volt basically means the amount of current that is present in the electrical wires and  connections. But believe us, whether it is just 100 or 1000, it can be very dangerous – so, never take it lightly assuming that the number is low.
  • Flickering lights means a short circuit — Now this myth can be called – turning a mole into a mountain! Flickering lights in the house doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a short circuit. No, don’t panic! This may just be an issue in your light fixtures or the wires are loose or the switches aren’t working. This problem can be solved easily by an expert electrician. However, it is best that you don’t take matters to your hands, especially if the root cause is unclear. Let the experts determine the reason for such erratic behaviour, and chalk out a remedial action plan accordingly.
  • The electrical deaths in movies and shows — You can call the entertainment world the biggest carrier of electrical myths. But these can actually be funny! Like, who bursts into flames by touching live wires or dances because of it? (That too jazz!). And there are more – like, murdering someone by throwing them into a pool with a switched-on hairdryer, etc. These are just myths and have no connection to reality. It takes lots of more time and severe current to make someone die due to it!

We hope that it is clear to you now that electricity is for your use. If

you are using it nicely and under control, it’s going to benefit you to the fullest. But if you believe in such myths, then you may as well know what the consequences can be.