The new mission introduced by Destiny 2 is not only surprising but also confounding the fans of the world-renowned role-playing video game. The fans and community are leaving no stone unturned to solve the mystery. But the developing team of Bungie had already warned the fans that solving the puzzle is going to be a hard nut to cut and will take time to reach the solution.

There are different speculation among the fans regarding the new mystery introduced in Destiny 2. some are saying that it may be an exotic weapon and some others are saying that it may be the preamble for the next season. Some fans are also indicating that it may be an Empyrean event that is still upcoming. The developers of Destiny 2 has to face criticism from the fans as the Destiny 2 lacks clear goals and challenges, and there is nothing to do at the end of the game.

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The introduction of a new puzzle by the developing team could be seen in that context only. There is still a lot of content is lined up for the game, and the developing team is working ward to introduce some more challenges and daunting tasks in the gameplay.

What to unlock behind the corridors of Time mission?

Bungie is struggling hard to satisfy its hardcore fans and players of the game since the release of Destiny2. Bungie is doing everything which could satisfy the zeal of the gamers, and the company could retain its earned reputation. Among several steps taken by Bungie to make Destiny 2 more challenging and daunting, the introduction of a new puzzle is the latest one. The community, along with other regular gamers, are very much eager about the new mystery. So, it should be expected that Bungie will have worthy rewards for the hardcore fans who will unlock the corridors. Bungie announces the latest expansion of the game by introducing Shadowkeep along with announcing New light which a free to play version. The things with Shadowkeep is still not going well and so if the rewards would not come by worthy, then it will again work negatively for the company. There is a lot of excitement among the fans about this new mystery, and hopefully, it would not be integrated with the Bastion exotic rifles which are upcoming. There is also a lot of discontent among the fans regarding the season of Dawn. The Season of Dawn did not have exciting and new weapons, and also it has weak content and gameplay. This has disappointed the fans a lot, and so the fans have set their eyes on the corridors and eager to know what it is going to deliver. The fans are also recalling the situation of Niobe Labs when a puzzle was introduced as Niobe Labs in the Season of the Forge, and no one could figure out these puzzles as these were quite obtuse. Hopefully, Bungie is taking every step to avoid such a situation and to make fans satisfied.

Introducing new exotic weapons

Bungie may allow the users to use the Sword lying on the grave and the players will find it fascinating to not only use it but also try to unlock the puzzle. Some of the weapons have already turned into exotic weapons earlier even such as the Outbreak or Whisper of the worm. If Bungie decides to bring back the Sword from Destiny 1, then it will also be a piece of good news for the fans. However, it is not going to easy to beat a sword which is looking simple by using cool abilities.

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