We are starting our discussion at a point where you have decided to shop for an airplane rental company, from which you will get airplane rental services. Many factors could be behind this decision. We could be looking at a situation where you are in a line of business where you have to carry cargo from one point to another regularly, and where a detailed analysis of business reality has shown that cargo is best transported on chartered aircraft . We could also be looking at a situation in which a rental or purchase accounting analysis, regarding your executive transportation, has shown that it would be more rational for you to rent a plane to transport your executives, rather than buying a company jet. . We may also be looking at a situation where your company or charity has developed operations in an area that is not serviced by any major airline, and also an area that is not (conveniently) accessible in any other way, which means you must rent a plane to take your people there.

At this point, he has published an offer for the provision of such jet services, and has received tons of “expressions of interest”. What you are now trying to develop is a selection criteria, which will allow you to choose a good aircraft rental company. So what do you look at in this regard? In other words, if you are going to develop a rating spreadsheet for the different companies that have sent you ‘expressions of interest’, what would be your rating criteria?

Well for starters you may have ‘aircraft type available’ as an element of the charter company’s selection criteria. Through an examination of this, you can determine which companies have suitable Private jet hire for the purposes you have in mind. Those that are not eliminated immediately, obtaining a very low score, or no score, in this regard.

Aircraft size is another element of the aircraft company’s selection criteria that you can consider. A given charter company may have the ideal type of aircraft available, but are they also the ideal size? Remember, while you can handle a vehicle that is smaller or larger than your ideal size, supporting a larger or smaller aircraft would be a very costly and inefficient adventure. Therefore, it matters not only what type of aircraft a certain aircraft rental company has, but also what the size of the aircraft is. Now these seem to be too obvious things to talk about, if it weren’t for the large number of people who ignore them to their great detriment.

The safety record of each aircraft company from which you receive an “expression of interest” is also very important. You can’t afford to bond with an airplane rental company that appears to be overwhelmingly accident-prone.