Before we start discussing the difference between augmented reality and artificial intelligence, we need to know what Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence are.

Augmented Reality:

What is Augmented reality?

Augmented reality is also phrased as (AR) complements digital content onto a real live feed through the lens of a camera, it simply makes a digital object look like it’s a part of the physical world around us. Many of us have used the application Snapchat, it allows a user to enhance their surroundings with visual effects. You could even alter your facial features with your favorite filters on Snapchat, making you look pretty or funny depending on your chosen filter.

Augmented Reality helps visualize virtual objects in real life. Imagine you’re buying a new supercar and that car is not available in any of your close by showrooms. Wouldn’t it be great for you to just swipe out your mobile phone and just visualize that car in front of you with the help of augmented reality? It gives you the idea of what Augmented reality is.


Artificial Intelligence:

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, it operates by processing a huge amount of data, with supersonic speed, iterative processing, and self-optimizing algorithms. Artificial Intelligence allows itself to learn from the change in patterns of any operating system. Artificial Intelligence allows a user to sit back and relax while AI takes control and makes the required adjustments when taking a decision itself.

AI simply offers decision-making support for any specific task, it may sound like a genre from a sci-fi movie, and it is but with the help of science and technology, we brought it to the real world. it’s a human-like interaction with the software but much quicker and more accurate. Don’t worry! AI is not a replacement for any human work and plausibly won’t take over human tasks anytime soon. I know you’re thinking about Terminator now, but we’re safe. For now, I guess… I’m just kidding. AI is much like a human with only to obey our specific commands with no real feelings or any slack. Artificial Intelligence is truly a blessing in the IT world and will surely improve your digital market.




What’s the difference between Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence?

We all have seen or heard about the movies iRobot, Chappie, and last but not least Terminator, a classic representation of future technology. All these movies portray a world with advanced technology. We are aware that most companies would become more powerful if they got their hands on such technology. It would simply allow them to outsmart any of their competition in the digital market. It’s easy to see why these software development companies in Dubai claim to have such technology. Simply because it’s futuristic and in huge demand.

So, here’s the thing we still haven’t accomplished the true Artificial Intelligence and we probably won’t for a decade. But that doesn’t stop the advancement of any AI app developers in Dubai. Augmented reality is the new phase of tech advancement and it will be the savior of human labor someday.

Augmented Reality is a lot different from Artificial Intelligence. Augmented reality is currently being developed all over the world. App development companies have found the right way to blend real-life geometrical structures with virtual structures. They are still developing new ways to use AR. From visualizing cars to measuring skyscrapers.

Certainly, both Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence have different usage. But imagine combining them both, by doing so you get the most futuristic innovation of technology, “Holograms.” We’ve seen holograms in movies before like from “Back to the future” we get to see the advertisement through holograms. Most full stack agencies in Dubai are still working on achieving holographic technology shortly.

Apart from combining Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, they aren’t similar to each other. They are two different aspects of technology. As you may have read above the tasks Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence perform you may know that now, that they are quite different from each other. But hopefully, soon, we’ll get to see both of these technologies working together.