Ontime Sydney Towing has been the talk of the town for quite a while now due to its client-centred approach, which includes impeccable as well as the most affordable towing and roadside assistance services. Also, the way Ontime Sydney Towing has been educating the masses regarding vehicle maintenance and road safety through which the need for towing and roadside assistance services can be minimized is highly acknowledged even by our critics. Here we have come up again with the guide on how disadvantageous can running out of fuel be for you and for your car at the same time. According to the records, around eight hundred thousand motorists had to be rescued after running out of fuel last year, and this number of drivers breaking down with empty tanks has been rising year after year. The risk of breakdown is significantly increased if you let your fuel run down to a point where the fuel light comes on and beyond. And if your car does run out of fuel and breaks down, then you could be putting yourself and possibly other vehicle drivers too at serious risk. So, without further ado, let’s dig into the reasons why running out of fuel is not a good idea: 1) Wearing out the Fuel Pump The fuel pump in your fuel tank has the function of sending fuel from the tank to the engine. Fuel acts as a coolant and provides lubrication to this precise piece of machinery. Driving the car, having very low fuel means that there is a risk of overheating, and the pump isn’t staying as lubricated as it should be, which results in prematurely wearing out the fuel pump. Repairing or changing the fuel pump can be pretty costly. 2) Clogging the Fuel Filter Often times, there is dirt, rust, or other sediments sunk at the bottom of the fuel tank. If you are driving on low fuel or you entirely run out of fuel, chances are your fuel pump will suck in those sediments from the bottom of the tank ending up fuel filter being blocked, which again is another expensive repair or replacement. 3) Stranding on the side of the road Running out of fuel may leave you stranded on the side of the road for hours at God’s mercy if you are at any place where there are no fuel stations nearby. 4) Prone to seek roadside assistance or car towing If you run out of fuel in the middle of the deserted road may force you to call out for emergency fuel or towing to a safe place. In such a case, Ontime Sydney Towing will be your only resort. But if you haven’t been subscribed to our best towing and the most affordable roadside assistance services you may end up falling for scams or hefty bills at your side by other non-professional setups. 5) Rejection of Insurance Claim There is a high chance that your insurance provider may reject your claim against the roadside assistance bills. As in most cases, insurers are unlikely to cover you for the mistakes that can be prevented. 6) Putting others at risk                                                                                            When you run out of fuel while in the state of driving, the car starts to lose its speed or can suddenly stop running. And this can be highly hazardous for you and for other drivers as well if it happens in the middle of a busy highway. Therefore, drivers are urged to develop a habit of filling up when the fuel indicator comes on or when there is still plenty of fuel left. Adopting this simple technique will never let you run out of fuel. Rest assured, the most affordable towing and best roadside assistance unit of Ontime Sydney Towing is just a call away for help that too around the clock. Website: https://ontimesydneytowing.com.au/ Call Us Now: 61 2 9137 0495 Email: [email protected]