Nursing homes

A residential facility that may publicly or privately supply quality nursing care and home transportation service for elderly people. Assisted living is a kind of buzzword these days. People require assisted living for various purposes such as therapy, pain management, and travel.

One needs to meet certain requirements to avail of these services. Long-term care is an obvious goal for old persons. Utmost care is recommended during the days of the pandemic as statistics reveal that people above 50 are more likely the carriers of the virus. Please consult your doctor if you come across any visible symptoms.

There are two types of nursing homes;

Nursing care with clinical convenience;

The facility is also equipped to provide rehabilitation for patients. They have to move to their homes after full recovery. These nursing home does not provide long term stay.

Nursing home care;

This type of nursing home provides permanent custodial assistance. An old parent staying in an old house is very common nowadays. A nursing home is the only solution for old and sick parents.

Advantages of nursing homes;

In this modern age, the old house is a necessity for old people. Children are busy enough to care for their old parents. So, they prefer nursing homes.

All nursing homes are for senior citizens, doctors are always at disposal. Emergency services are available 24 hours. When any of them needs emergency care, they can easily approach doctors. It’s good to have a person who can take care of hospitalization.

For these senior people, safety is no longer an issue. All good nursing homes provide good security for them.
Harmony develops between them. An atmosphere of friendship should be seen there. They are in the constant company of people of their own age.

Nursing Homes Transportation Service

Established nursing home transportation services to facilitate the elderly. Well trained team with modern transportation arrangement remains closer to them all the time.

Transport staff includes transport nurse specialists and registered emergency medical technicians and paramedical staff. This Mobile Intensive Care Unit provides transportation services for all patients of a nursing home. They will come all the way to the room doors to shift patient in a wheelchair.

They will make sure to drive affected persons conveniently to the hospital. They do not make compromises on timings and ensure in time pickup. They are just one call away from you. You can call them at any time to book a drive on well-equipped vans or cars.