Colorado Springs is the second-most populous city in the state after Denver. However, in terms of land area, it is the largest territory in Colorado. There are several different things to do when you visit what people still call today as Little London because of the countless spas and indulgences, side-by-side with high-adrenaline adventures.

The name dates back to the early 20th Century. Back then, about one in five Colorado residents was from England and primarily there to invest in the railroad. But they fell in love with the land and finally took roots in Colorado Springs.

While tourists frequent the area for its natural beauty, some people come to undergo couples therapy in Colorado Springs.

There are various contrasting statistics surrounding marriage counseling and couples therapy that can make you doubt whether or not they even work. Even without looking at the success rate, couples are typically dealing with a lot of pain. If ever they invest in something, they would want a guarantee that it would help save their relationship.

What the statistics say

According to the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, 98% of survey respondents reported receiving excellent advice that they could use to improve their relationship. Meanwhile, 97% believe that they received the help that they required, while 93% thought that they learned novel ways on how to deal with the problems they have with their partner.

One of the common misconceptions about couples therapy is that it would not change people. However, the main goal of the therapist is not to change anybody. You will not suddenly become an extrovert when you were a homebody before. The session seeks to change the dynamics of the couple and how they interact with each other. 

When do you need couple’s therapy? 

Luckily, there are factors that you can look out for, which tell you that you need help. Here are some of them:

  1. You fight all the time. Often, you push the right buttons to find an excuse to argue
  2. You feel like your partner no longer understands you
  3. Even if you say what you think, it seems like they are not listening
  4. You pretend to your family and friends that the relationship is still perfect
  5. You bicker over the same issues again and again
  6. Your sex life has deteriorated
  7. You do not see eye-to-eye with how you handle the money
  8. You have different goals in life when it comes to where your relationship is going
  9. You are no longer sleeping or eating right
  10. You are thinking of cheating (or are already cheating)
  11. No matter how many times you “talk,” your relationship is not improving

One thing you will learn in couple’s therapy is to acknowledge the partner’s needs. So, when these needs are unmet, they will likely find an outlet to address their frustration. More often than not, each partner does not intentionally hurt the other. However, life happens. There are obligations at work, children, family members, and others. They believe that their partner is supposed to be there as emotional support, and they get shocked when they realize that the relationship has broken down. If you and your partner are having troubles that don’t seem to be going away anytime soon, it would be best to head for couples therapy in Colorado Springs.