Is Slipped Disc Taking Away Your Sleep
The spine is a complex mechanical structure made up of bones (vertebrae), separated by fibrocartilage pads (discs), which allow some movement between these bones.
The discs also create a space among each vertebra, which allows the passage of a nerve on either side. The nerves that travel between the vertebrae in the lower back move down each leg while the nerves in the lower neck pass through each arm.
Every disc can be compared individually to a jelly donut-they have a softer gel-like core surrounded by a more robust exterior. There are moments when the interior will squeeze out like a jelly donut.
This may compress the surrounding nerve and cause a range of symptoms, including pain, numbness, tingling, or even weakness in the arm or leg.
A specialist doctor must evaluate the disks and related conditions before it can make recommendations regarding the best approach in each situation.
Nonetheless, it is generally recommended that you avoid trying to stretch or do other exercises before being tested and give appropriate advice as some movements that intensify this condition.
Although problems with the spinal disc can sometimes be severe and even require surgery, they can most often be treated effectively with conservative care, and the patient can return with little or no limitation to their usual activities.
It is critical to consult with a specialist like Dr. Anil Kesani to ensure that in each case, you undergo the requisite evaluation like MRI and/or other tests as appropriate. To know more about Slipped Disc and its treatment log on to our website at