In today’s competitive medical billing world, finding a cost-effective expert for your complex to simple the medical billing problem is quite challenging. The hourly wage for a Medical Billing Specialist in the United States is $20 as of January 20, 2020, with the range typically falling between $18 and $22. In fact, the expenses spend on the billing process do not end here with employee wages. Rather employee benefits, insurance, training cost, use of different billing software, etc. also add up the expenses.

This is why today, outsourcing is the best alternative to the medical billing services for many healthcare providers.

Helping healthcare provider focus on their core work of patient care, outsourced medical billing RCM organization not only reduces the cost that the healthcare provider had to spend on an in-house biller but also offers seamless operation for all medical billing services,” said Dr. Dipak Nandi a M.D, with more than a decade experience in outsourcing medical billing business.

Working for ages in the medical billing industry has made me realize that a perfect medical billing RCM organization not only needs the right resources but also experienced functioning in the billing process, by which an outsourcing organization excels. In-house staffs are often seen struggling between administrative work and other works along with billing activities, delaying the complete medical billing process. ” said doctor Dipak Nandi.

Providing complete operational transparency in a comprehensive HIPAA compliance setting, these outsourcing organizations help clients with a detailed report, continuous follow-up, and reduction in their operation cost.

As no healthcare provider desire to wait and experience a prolonged billing process that affects their revenue generation and patient care, most of them prefer outsourcing their medical billing services as the best alternative option.