Eicher 242 tractor is an extraordinary mini tractor that comes with the technically advanced system. It consists of many unique properties that offer securable functioning and good work. This tractor is currently known worldwide because they provide a range of the developed technologies at affordable prices. Eicher 242 tractor is the 25 hp mini tractor which has improved orchard farming. It comes with excellent features such as a robust engine, large fuel tank, incredible hydraulic system, smart PTO, and many more that make it a popular tractor.

Eicher 242 is the Best Mini Tractor of Eicher Brand 

Eicher 242 belongs to the Eicher tractor brand, one of India’s famous tractor brands. They build tractors in many varieties for performing various farming tasks. Eicher wins the hearts of the customers by providing them better service and smooth operation. Tractors of Eicher offer simple and easy functions so farmers could run tractors quickly. Eicher giving cost-efficient and skillful products manufactured with the best world technology. Tractors of Eicher are available in various ranges and models with excellent features. Eicher brand offers a wide tractor range starting from 22 hp to 80 hp. 

The Durability of the Eicher 242 Tractor

Tractor of Eicher 242 is a durable tractor such as robust, sturdy, strong, and flexible. Economic mileage is an essential part of durable qualities, and Eicher has economic mileage that saves money and enhances farmers’ production. Eicher offers stable conditions to do many agricultural conditions.  

Eicher 242 Tractor is a Versatile Performer

Versatility is the synonym of 242 tractor because it performs various farming jobs with versatility. It has that quality, which makes it a versatile performer in gardens. Eicher mini tractor is a good deal for farmers due to its outstanding performance. The modern features of Eicher will always increase their performance for better farming. 

Smart features of the Eicher 242 tractor 

Eicher 242 has the smart features suitable for smart farmers. It comes with a high tech system, which makes farming work easy and productive. Due to these features Eicher 242 is renowned in the small and marginal farmers. 

Below, we mentioned some smart features of the Eicher 242 tractor. Have a look. 

Engine system 

Eicher 242 tractor contains a powerful engine that generates high ERPM to provide strength to the tractor. The 1557 CC engine gives an ultimate user experience in the field. It has an advanced cooling system that saves the tractor to burnout and an air filter. 

Transmission system

The tractor has a smart transmission system that is easy to access and gives an effortless ride. It has better gearboxes and a powerful battery, which is the best combination for farmers. It offers a diaphragm type single clutch that gives smooth and easy functioning. The 242 Eicher tractor has a sharp alternator with 27.66 kmph forward speed. 

Hydraulic system

The Eicher 242 tractor has a massive lifting capacity to push and pull the implements. With the equipment, the tractor converts rugged farming surfaces into the flatten and smooth surface. The smooth surface makes farming easy and quick. The lifting capacity of Eicher tractors is 900kg, which is powerful to lift the implements. It can easily install the tools to make productive garden farming. 

Accessories and warranty

The 242 Eicher tractor comes with the finest accessories, which are tools and TopLink. These accessories help the farmers to maintain the tractor and services at home. The 242 tractor provides a 1-year warranty for farmer’s convenience. 

Qualities of Eicher 242 Tractor 

The Eicher 242 tractor is a reputed mini tractor in the tractor industry, and it is a reliable tractor due to these qualities. It has the power to complete farming work efficiently. It always focuses on doing extraordinary things in tractors. It performs all operations at the same time effectively. 

The following are the technical quality of the Eicher 242 tractor:-

  • Dry Disc Brakes 
  • Manual steering
  • Outstanding PTO
  • Attractive look
  • Robust body
  • Low fuel consumption 
  • High torque
  • Easy to control
  • Easy to operate

These are the superb properties of Eicher 242 tractors that give high performance in the farming field. It is a perfect tractor which enhances the production. 

Eicher 242 Tractor Price

Eicher 242 tractor price is reasonable and fair for Indian farmers. This tractor provides sufficient financial support to the farmers by giving a budget-friendly price. It comes with the superior features, but its price is still low and fits the farmer’s budget. Eicher 242 tractor on-road price is  Rs. 3.85 Lac, which is more modest for all small and marginal farmers. 

These features or qualities prove that Eicher is the perfect selection for farmers. We hope you enjoyed this blog and get the information about Eicher 242 tractor. 

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