If your family is looking for some kid-friendly fun in Penang, you’ll want to make a visit to the incredible Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm!

This attraction recently welcomed its one-millionth visitor since its 2016 renovation and continues to awe guests from all across the globe with its colorful collection of butterflies.

Curious about what others are saying about this one of a kind experience? Keep reading to learn more about this attraction!

Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm: What to Expect

Entopia Penang doesn’t just have butterflies. In fact, this facility houses all kinds of exhibits that inspire the education of the natural world! From sprawling gardens to creatures like the Water Dragon Lizard, this attraction has a lot to offer.

When you first reach Entopia, you’ll see two domes from the outside. One dome, coined Natureland, is filled with living botanical gardens while the other dome, called Cocoon, is the two-story indoor discovery center.

The Entopia Penang entrance fee is relatively inexpensive at a ticket price of RM69 (US$15.7) for adults and RM49 (US$11.2) for children. There are often online discounts, too, so make sure you check those out to save more!

Once you’ve purchased your tickets, allow you and your family at least two hours to explore the two domes since there are over 150 animal species and 300 plant species to witness!

Guests are encouraged to stroll through the winding walkways at their own leisure and to take as much time as they want to learn about the natural world around them.

The Exhibits

Upon entering Natureland, you’ll be immersed in a world where wild butterflies fly free throughout the exhibit! Guests particularly enjoy the feeding stations because they can get an up-close look at the beautiful insects while they feed on nectar and fruit.

Here, you’ll get to interact with the butterflies hands-on. Another unique experience that guests love about Entopia Penang is the Butterfly Release session. Children get their own butterfly in a cup to release all at once! These sessions happen throughout the day, so don’t miss out.

Insider tip: if you want butterflies to land on you, wear a bright colored shirt!

Inside the Cocoon, there’s a variety of learning games and activities for kids to participate in. You can also view an impressive collection of creatures including frogs, snakes and spiders! Each enclosure provides information about the species behind the glass so you can learn as you go.

There is also a pupa viewing area where guests can see the intricate chrysalises dangling in rows. In addition to this, you can handle larvae and other bugs.

This zone has been praised for being interactive for children and adults alike. The information is easy to understand and you won’t even realize you’re learning since you’re having so much fun!

Dining and Gift Shop

Guests love taking a break from the exhibits and sitting down at the café. You can order novelty ice cream or have lunch at Tapestree so you’ll be fueled for even more exploration when you’re finished!

Don’t forget to take some time browsing the gift shop shelves on your way out, either. Inside, you’ll find lots of affordable items that’ll remind you of your time among the butterflies. Children especially love the insect books that are for sale, and because the gifts are so well-priced you can walk out with multiple!

Go Explore

Guests continue to make Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm one of Malaysia’s top-rated educational attractions. So, next time your family is in Penang, flutter to this sanctuary and experience some of the country’s best natural exhibits!

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