Having a lawn right in front of your home is something you can never trade with anything else. Over the years, humans have forgotten the essence of natural peace and beauty. The monotonous and baffled life of civilization is wearing down humans. Therefore you need something which will bring in tranquility and perseverance in your life. And what is the best way of doing that other than having a beautiful lawn around your home?

Now as the topic of a lawn has started, we would like to point out at one of the biggest problems of having it- soil erosion and maintenance. Unlike the agricultural fields or the forest floors, the soil of a lawn isn’t that much firmly held. So, there are high chances of soil erosion and lost fertility.

Therefore, you need some technique that will prevent further damage and will help you in restoring the proper humus content and the pH of the soil. This process of soil maintenance is known as hydro mulching or hydroseeding.

We guess you do not know much about the process, isn’t it?

Well, if yes, you are right at the correct place. we will be discussing certain factors about hydroseeding.

Starting From Its Description To Advantages And So On.

What Is Hydro mulching? 

Since the lawn soil suffers a great deal of erosion, agricultural experts came up with the idea of preventing the loss of humus. So, with this process, one can prevent the entire process. The slurry is sprayed over the soil in even layers. The slurry contains a mixture of water, high-yielding seeds, fertilizers, cellulosic mulch, an organic binder solution, and a tracking dye. It is mixed in a special machine where all the contents are agitated for minutes to mix the entire solution and the solid forms in an even ratio.

What Are Its Benefits For Lawn Maintenance? 

Now, since you know the major facts of hydro mulching, your next destination will be to understand the benefits of this lawn maintenance process. So, let’s have a look at the advantages!

  • The slurry paste is quite heavy and hence when it is sprayed over the soil, it keeps the loose soil particles bonded. Hence, even if the strong wind will blow over the surface, the top cover will be protected from erosion.
  • As high yielding seeds are mixed into the slurry, when they are sprayed over the soil, the seeds settle on the layers of the soil. For the germination process, proper nutrition and soil are important that is possible through the seeds mixed in the slurry.
  • Since the seeds are mostly scattered at a distance that helps its roots and plants grow properly. As a result, their germination will be fast and out of hundred seeds, at least ninety percent of them will grow into a new, healthy plant.
  • The mulch present in the slurry retains the moisture content of the soil and hence, your plants won’t suffer from drooping or wilting under the high heat of the sun.

What Should You Need To Take Care Of? 

Next, we will be discussing the facts that need to be taken care of for hydro mulching. Without knowing these facts, gaining success in this method will be a bit difficult.

The process needs a binder which will help the solution getting bonded with the soil particles.

  • The seeds should be high yielding so that germination of them occurs fast.
  • The mulch should be organic in nature and of high quality.

Hydro mulching has become quite popular in recent years. The process has produced impeccable results, starting with faster germination to even seed distribution on the fields. You can easily spray the entire slurry over your lawn at multiple times during the day.