Security cameras are camera systems connected through the networks to provide video surveillance of particular areas. The surveillance systems are cloud-managed or Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), which give access to footage for a longer time. These cameras are a part of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), used for security purposes. A camera system may have 3 to 4 cameras or sometimes more. These cameras have numerous beneficial features which one must know before installing them. This article outlines some essential details and features of security cameras.

Footage Recording and Storage

The footage of security cameras gets recorded on local hard drives or DVRs. This footage can get stored for approximately 30 to 90 days depending upon the service providers and areas of usage. Additionally, you can get access to the recorded footage at any time. The recorded footage may take up storage space of about 60GB to 600GB. Some cameras’ footages might require more storage space ranging in TBs.

Range of Recording

The range of recording of security cameras differs, depending upon the type of cameras. For example, if you have installed wireless cameras, they would record between 250 and 450 feet of distance. Likewise, professional and high-resolution cameras like PTZs may range about 700 feet. However, general home security cameras have a range between 0 and 70 feet approximate. Some cameras have tilt and pan features to change the directions they face, while there are 360-degree cameras that view in all directions at a time.

Camera Resolutions

The security camera resolutions again vary as per their types. Some cameras might have 2mp (1920×1080), 5mp (2592×1920), or even 6mp resolutions. The cameras with high resolutions provide HD quality videos. The HD videos can be zoomed and viewed clearly. The higher the resolutions, the more storage space may be occupied.

Motion Detection

Motion detection is the capacity of a security camera to detect movements and capture them. Some security cameras have in-built motion detection, which gives alerts when intruders try to sneak in. These cameras are advanced as they record only when motion is detected. Wireless IP cameras have motion detection with instant alerts of intruders.

Other Features

Security Cameras also have features like night vision (Day and Night cameras) or IR vision (Bullet Security Cameras). They can capture faces of people even in highly lit areas. A few of them also allow customization of lenses and offer a variety of lenses, including varifocal and fixed ones.


Security cameras are the best option to protect your property, as you can monitor your homes or workplaces from a distance. Install the cameras at the entrances of the property to avoid unwanted people from coming in. Choosing the correct type of camera system is all you need to do.