Did you know that people spend millions each year to keep their cars clean? From monthly trips to taking cars for wash, from spending money on car cleaning supplies to searching for a professional car wash workshop near me, maintaining a clean car has always been an expensive and time-consuming process. However, there are few small steps you need to follow to reduce mistakes, headaches, and save your pocket. So, if you are planning to get your car a thorough wash at home this blog is worth read! 

Car wash at home is not that easy as it sounds!  To ensure your car cleaning experience is a positive oneyou need to follow every single step given below!  

  • Avoid keeping cleaning stuffs such as wash mitts, dry towels and upholstery cleaners on ground to prevent contaminants get in contact with your car.  
  • Brake dust consists of microscopic particles of metals. If you clean your car with the same cleaner that’s used for wheels, it will damage the paint of your carThus, always make sure to keep wheel cleaning supplies separate. 
  • Using an expired as well as dirty cleaning supplies doesn’t serious damage. It’s better to use fresh car detailing supplies instead.  
  • Sunlight creates heat, which evaporates water including soap that results in making it difficult to wash your car. So, it’s best to avoid washing car under direct sunlight. 

There is no doubt that if you maintain your car’s overall look, it is sure to add value as well as performance for a lifespan. But how many of you are still unaware of the fact that even car wash has a right time? Well, there are many such minute yet vital questions that almost all car owners have in mind.  

Few answers by some professionals that you need to know before you start googling for the best car wash near me. 


  • The right time to get your car for a wash! 

Does your car have the same color it is supposed to have? Is it bit different than the original one? Then yes! It’s time to take it for a thorough wash. However, waiting until it needs a bath is not at all a good sign for your car’s life. Instead, look at the service routineGetting a detailed wash almost every two weeks throughout the year is a good baselineWhile ainterior wash is not necessary every time you drive. However, monthly wash to the underside of your vehicle is best to clean off all materials that would trap corrosive compounds and clog drain holes. 

  • A deep clean removes all contaminants like eggs, bugs, tar, and sap! 

Though it’s true that only a timely wash can reduce the risk of damage to car paint caused by any of these contaminants, yet just a wash is never a solution. Only a deep cleaning is. Detailing is done using some special cleaning products that are only available at professional stores. So, the sooner you take it for cleaning messes like eggs and bug splatter, the lesser will be the chance of contaminants to dig in and harm the finish. 


  • A freshly painted car will cause a huge damage if given for car wash inot a myth! 

Did you just receive your car back from the auto shop after getting it freshly painted and thinking if it’s safe to take it for a wash in auto center? Well, the answer is a big “NO”That’s because the clearcoat paint finish takes 30 days or more to get fully cured. During that time, it is unwise to drive car through any auto centers for wash or wax coating 


  • touchless wash or a soft-cloth wash! 

Some people believe that regular car wash brushes off dirt as well as paint. But that’s not true. Every problem has an alternative solution. A soft cloth is the best option in this case! Use a soft cloth for a detailed wash to help it loose and remove contaminants that strong chemicals and high-pressure sprays cannot. Though car washing is the most delicate process that adds a shine to your vehicle yet loosens its shine if done in a wrong wayTherefore, if you wash it at home without knowing proper way to protect paint from damage or anything about cleaning materials, it can do harm and cost you more than goodHence, a professional help is all that you need!  


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