A control valve is a valve that is used to control fluid flow as directed by the valve controller. These control valves are also involved in controlling the pressure, temperature, and liquid level. The control valve contains a device that controls the fluid flow. Valves are widely used in the refinery and chemical processing industries. Control valves are used to handle a variety of liquids, gases, steam, and air, etc. There are lots of control valves manufactured by various companies and orders are booked online. OILMARK is the best Masoneilan Supplier who are providing quality control valves which have multiple usages.


Types of control valves:

Globe valve

There are numerous types of control valves but globe valves are common types of valves that are widely used in the industry. In globe valve plug is used to move the seat. This seat is used to control capacity, pressure, and high flow controllability. It is primarily considered to be used for controlling high-temperature flow. It is faster to open or close and also has some disadvantages of disc wear in open positions.

Rotary valve

Rotary control valves are eccentric plug offers dependability and provide a unique combination of high capacity. It is available in various dimensions and it matches with existing installations. It also helps in simplifying maintenance to reduce downtime and also lifecycle costs.

Lined valve

Lined control valves offer tight closing of the mouth of the machine and also offers low dynamic forces and control.

Ball valve

The ball valve is another type of control valve and it is a better version of the lined valve. In this type of valve, the ball is placed in such a uniform circumference that it will place uniform pressure and has low friction.


Here are some of the advantages of Masoneilan control valves as:

Reliable for higher output

Masoneilan control valves are reliable for higher output and thus it can be used in various industries. Thus Masoneilan suppliers like OILMARK, are providing quality products with higher and accurate output.


Flexible for easy integration

Control valves are also flexible for easy integration and thus it has wide application and can produce quality products within less time and also at affordable rates.


Magnificent control & accuracy

Control valves offer magnificent control and accuracy towards production and controlling various temperatures and fluid flow.


Robust and smooth operation

Control valves are robust and also help in the smooth operation of products and also provide an accurate flow of fluid in various oil industries.


Reduction in assembling and cost

Control valves also provide a reduction in assembling and cost to a great extent compared to other types of machinery.


There are lots of Masoneilan Supplier in UAE who are providing excellent control to the types of machinery and produce quality products and even at affordable rates. Thus you can order Masoneilan control valves from such suppliers in UAE and increase your profits and production as well. OILMARK is the best Masoneilan supplier in UAE. Thus make sure that before ordering you should keep in mind the above mentioned advantages of control valves. Thus for increasing production within less time and also at affordable rates you can order control valves form such Masoneilan Suppliers who are providing quality control valves.