The Amalgamation of history museums, modern beaches, and ancient architecture

Israel is oddly not a place visited by many tourists from around the world. Even though it is in Europe, it is not a city that most people envisage to visit during their vacations. Undoubtedly, Israel is a melting pot of history, culture, and modernization, but it seems implausible when it comes to exploring the city’s history in modern times. Well, the political issues are not a piece of new news for anyone planning even to consider visiting Israel. 

Israel is surely not going to be your first choice for a winter vacation with your family; still, if you wish to visit the city, make your Allegiant Airlines reservations beforehand and get outstanding deals and offers. 

Discover the Ancient History of Israel

  • Sea of Galilee

As the locals call it, Kinneret is one of the oldest and most popular lakes in Israel. When visiting the Sea of Galilee, history comes alive. People remember this lake for its wonders and ancient stories. It is believed that this freshwater lake has seen many miracles happening during the time of Jesus. As per the new testament, the Sea of Galilee witnessed the walk of Jesus on water, and so it is considered an essential lake from history. Visit the lake, enjoy building rafts, practice several water activities, and relish the silence all over. 

  • Haifa

While being one of Israel’s beautiful ports and the home for immaculate beaches, Haifa is also a home of the beautifully landscaped terraces of the Baha Gardens. At heart, you’ll find the excellent site of the shrine of Bab. You’ll witness the German colony along with shops, galleries, and restaurants going down the landscapes. After a little more effort, you will discover the underground rapid transit system. 

  • Golan Heights

It is not implausible to find a mountainous landscape in Israel. Golan Heights is a famous tourist place that allures people towards its natural beauty, humungous size, and intriguing landscapes. If you are person who loves hiking, Golan Heights is your place. Springtime is the best season to visit this place to witness the beauty of blooming flowers; however, for winter vacation Hermon Mountain, situated in Golan Heights, is the perfect site for you. 

  • Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the most popular sites to visit in Israel, for apparent reasons. It is the amalgamation of authentic markets, calming beaches, vibrant nightlife, and culinary delights. It is impossible to come to Israel and not visit Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is particularly famous for its events and festivals, such as Gay Pride Parade, Tel Aviv Fashion Week, and much more. So if you want to attend some of the events, plan your trip accordingly. 

  • Jerusalem

Visiting Israel is almost like a way to travel back in time, witnessing the critical dates and events’ actual occurrence. Jerusalem is one city that gives you overview of all the exact dates in the history of Israel. Jerusalem is a major spiritual site of three major religions globally, namely Christianity, Islam, and Juadism. At the heart of the city, you’ll find the old city surrounded by a grand wall. Here tourists can step into the history of Jerusalem and explore the spiritual world of Jerusalem. When visitng the city of spiritual history, one should visit the museums situated outside the city, including Yad Vashem, a Holocaust remembrance center. 

Israel is not famous for its architecture or religious sites, the city is well-known for its friendly, optimistic, smart, and knowledgeable people. Undoubtedly, innovation is at the heart of everything, making every architecture, building, and technology a unique piece. We can say the term ‘Start-up country’ was not formed without reason. Let’s the spirit of Israel engrave deep inside you this winter. Plan your visit to Israel today; make your American Airlines reservations now. 

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