Isn’t it hard to forget that one particular present that you received on your last birthday? That high-end, rigid box, custom window cutout that gave a very elegant sneak peek of the product with lamination in matte and spot UV custom name.

What perfection!

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t find the perfect present for your loved ones? Even if you find the perfect gift, finding outstanding packaging remains an issue?

If the design is exquisite, sizes are not according to the product, if sizes are okay, it is hard to get the correct shape that offers proper containment to the product. No matter how perfectly you want to curate your gift box, something always seems off.


Well, customization offers unique shapes, sizes, and designs that help in achieving the most lavishing gift packaging for every type of product.

Customization offer customers the opportunity to create custom gift boxes the way they like. Die-cutting offers gable boxes, pillow packaging, extra-large gift boxes with lids, magnetic closure boxes, and many more. Extra-large gift boxes are the most adorable and functional when it comes to packing your product stylishly and fashionably.

Wide range of products

The main issue that limits gift packaging in regular boxes is odd shapes and sizes of the product. Most of the time, the shapes do not compromise with regular square and rectangular boxes and also the sizes.

Custom extra-large cardboard gift boxes offer ultimate containment to a broader range of products from clothing items to jewelry, cosmetics, beauty or skincare items, to crockery and whatnot. These boxes are spacious than other boxes, which allow you to add box inserts like ribbons, crape papers, and others not only to enhance the appearance but also make your packaging more protective.

Enhanced appearance

Extra-large pillow gift boxes, a base box with lid, magnetic closure box, gable box, and many more are designed to pack product that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the product and the box. The most advanced custom printing techniques such as inkjet, laser, and screen printing, are used to give premium quality prints to the product, which makes your boxes high-end and luxurious for any products most affordably. By incorporating beautiful designs, attractive prints, and custom logos or names on the boxes or personalized imagery that adds a more personal touch to your gift packing, which regular boxes are not able to achieve.

Quality packaging

Cardboard packaging offers the most trendy and luxurious gift packing that complement the quality and worth of the product rather than diminishing it. Corrugated cardboard gives the most luxurious yet cheap extra-large gift boxes. They offer extra-large luxury gift boxes that are high-end quality and bright outlook to the product with custom laminations, foiling, and embossing.


You surely do not want to get your gift ruined during shipping or handling before it reaches the hands of the benefactor?

Thanks to customization, we are blessed with the most advanced and unique technology and resources that give ultimate packaging to every type of product.

Paper packaging, combined with the most advanced and versatile die-cutting technique, gives exceptional boxes that are strong and sturdy. Cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard are the strongest and sturdiest of all the other packing materials. Corrugated cardboard is highly flexible in terms of adjusting the strength of the box as it is made up of corrugated/fluted cardboard and paper liners

You can pack any product from the most fragile to the most robust with style and trend in these boxes.


The most beneficial for anyone regarding gift packaging or choosing the right box for their presents is customization. It offers an opportunity to create boxes that speaks for the person and portray the love, care, and attention in a better way. It offers customization in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs with laminations, foiling, and embossing.

For instance, unlike non-customized gift packaging boxes, you are not bound to pack everything in the same, old, boring, brown box because you can create your own extra-large Christmas gift boxes in the way you like. It helps in creating more impact on the audience and increase the excitement of the occasion or the event.

There is no need to worry about your gift packaging anymore, especially with custom gift boxes. They are not only attractive and durable but the most eco-friendly and affordable when it comes to manufacturing. The material that is used to make them, cardboard and Kraft paper, are bio-degradable and recyclable, which reduces the waste to the minimum.

There are a lot of packaging services providers that offer extra large gift boxes wholesale in wholesale. Wholesale dealers deal in bulk, which reduces the price per unit. These boxes are as high-end and attractive as other alternatives that are available in the market. You can freely experiment with the designs, play with shapes or sizes, and be creative with laminations, foiling, and embossing, without the fear of being stripped off with your fortune.