Tired of putting on your eyebrows every morning?

Why not consider eyebrow tattooing? Even if you are not crazy about tattoos, you should consider it, as this is not the usual one.

We are not talking about designing a tribal tattoo or a skull tattoo, but tattooed eyebrows. This is an absolutely different type of design. We are not trying to express your personality or commitment, but rather a semi-permanent makeup.

Obviously, they can be done for aesthetic reasons – the desire to look beautiful when you wake up is reason enough to desire cosmetic tattoos. When properly designed and the shape of the face is considered, the best microblading eyebrows near me can frame the eyes and make them stand out. Not to mention, they improve the look of your face.

But, unlike regular tattoos, the eyebrow tattoo can be done to help people allergic to makeup or people suffering from diseases such as hair loss.

For those reasons, you don’t necessarily have to visit a tattoo artist to do it. For example, some plastic surgeons also do those tattoos. So if you’re interested in permanent eyebrows but aren’t used to getting tattoos, considering those other specialists may be a good option.

Finally, you might wonder about the healing process. Some creams can be helpful, especially due to the sensitive area of ​​the eyebrows and the fact that it is on the face. But other than that, you should mainly expect the week after the tattoo process, the dried blood to peel off, and overall that’s it.