Clean shave was the trend about five years ago. Now men are going for more dense facials, whether it’s the beard, mustache, or sideburns. But what if you can’t grow facial hair? What is the best remedy for lack of facial hair? Although many treatments are available that offer treatments to restore facial hair, not all are reliable. The only method that can give you the desired results is having a facial hair transplant. Reason being that once the procedure is done, the patient is guaranteed facial hair for a lifetime. In other words, it offers a permanent solution to restore facial hair.

Studies have shown that women find men with beards more attractive, which contributes to the desire of many men who want to grow facial hair. If you are not blessed with facial hair, you can always improvise by getting a beard transplant. This requires a minor surgery that lasts for about 2-3 hours, depending on the recipient area’s size. It is done by a professional surgeon in his clinic or office. If you need to grow a full beard on your face, you may want to opt for this procedure. 

Let’s look at this method of restoring facial hair and whether it’s an effective method or not. Before we continue, you should know there are plenty of doctors claiming to offer drugs that help men grow hair. This isn’t true since there are no clinically tested medications that guarantee hair or facial hair growth. The only available drugs are meant to stop or delay further hair loss, not grow hair. The best option available to a denser hair opting for a beard transplant. Mel Gibson is one of the celebrities who have undergone a facial hair transplant. If you are Mel Gibson, you can’t tell that he had a facial hair transplant. That’s because professionals did it.

What is the cost of having a facial hair transplant? 

Having a facial hair transplant doesn’t come cheap. The main reason that makes it an expensive procedure is that it is done by expert surgeons who can guarantee effective results. Another reason is that no health insurance company is willing to offer facial hair transplant policies because it is regarded as cosmetic surgery. Therefore, before opting for this facial hair restoration method, check the cost that the surgeon offers and if you can afford it. If the price is lower than $5,000 and $15,000, be careful. Cheap beard transplant costs may lead to complications in the future. One of the best facial hair restoration clinics in Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, headed by an expert doctor called Dr. John Kahen in Los Angeles. Although Los Angeles is known for the best hair restoration clinics, not all can guarantee professional treatments.

What should the patient expect after a facial hair transplant? 

After the doctor performs the procedure, the patient is allowed to go home to heal gracefully. Recovery takes a couple of weeks tops. However, for new hair to start growing, it will take about 6-9 months. After the procedure, the doctor will prescribe pain-relieving medication for the patient. The patient also needs antibiotics to prevent infections.


If you have been given the green light to go for a facial hair transplant, you can begin the treatment as soon as possible. You also need to consider your financial status. Since beard transplant treatment is a huge transformation, it has to be done with expert surgeons to give the desired results. You don’t want to end up with infections from unsterilized medical equipment or unnatural looks just because you decided to settle for a cheap clinic or doctor.