Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. It is the second leading cause of death worldwide. But the advancements in medical facilities and extensive research all over the world has led to a study decline in the cancer fatality rate. The cancer survival rate in a country depends on a host of factors.

Approximately 70% of cancer deaths occur in low and middle-income countries. So the chances of survival largely depend on the medical infrastructure of the country. Now India has some of the better treatment facilities. But does that mean cancer patients have high chances of survival here? Let’s find out.

The Worrying Trend Of Low Cancer Survival Rate In India

According to an extensive study of over 26 million cancer patients, the survival rates of cancer patients in India are worryingly low. The study published in the medical journal Lancet showed that the survival rate in India has either stagnated or is increasing at a sluggish pace.

The number of patients who survive for five years after getting diagnosed with stomach cancer is a lowly 19%. The rate is about 25-30% in most countries with South Korea topping the charts at 58%. The survival rate for colon cancer patients is 37% as compared to a respectable 50-59% in maximum countries.

Liver cancer patients have had the worst survival rate of 4% as compared to 10-20% in other countries. Similarly, lung cancer survivors in India, Thailand, and Brazil were under 10% as compared to above 20% in 12 countries. Breast cancer awareness and treatment have advanced over the years.

As a result, above 90% of breast cancer patients survived more than five years in Australia and the US. But only 66% of breast cancer patients survived in India. What is the reason for this low survival rate of Indian patients despite hospitals providing the best cancer treatment in India?

Reasons Behind Low Survival Rates In India And Precautions To Take

One of the lead authors of the research, Micheal Coleman, pointed out the lower awareness and access to medical facilities for most patients. The advanced treatment technologies are out of reach of the majority. Best cancer treatment in India work in early stages which makes early diagnosis crucial to survival.

But lack of awareness about early symptoms results in delayed diagnosis. The majority of patients don’t use the best cancer treatment in India because of various factors like costs and ignorance. Other reasons include patients not following up on treatment properly.

The famous saying ‘prevention is the best cure’ becomes crucial in countries with a low survival rate. You should avoid consuming carcinogenic substances like tobacco and processed food. You should also decrease the consumption of alcohol and processed meat.

Maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise lowers the risk of several types of cancers like breast, prostate, and lungs. Avoiding direct sunlight reduces the dangers of skin cancer. Apart from taking necessary precautions and vaccination, be aware of the symptoms of cancer.

Cancer, if diagnosed in early stages, is highly curable. You should not avoid symptoms that last longer than usual and always follow the doctor’s advice. Choosing a good cancer hospital for diagnosis goes a long way in increasing the chances of survival.