Suffering from an automobile breakdown is not a pleasant experience for anyone, and often it can be quite dangerous. This is the time when the affected is highly vulnerable to the roadside assistance scams. If you want to keep yourself safe from such scams following points should be taken care of:

1) Unsolicited Service

In most cases, it is you or the police who calls a towing service provider if your vehicle has broken down as a result of an accident. But if an unmarked or unsolicited tow truck approaches you to offer help, there is a high chance that you may fall for a scam. Therefore, it is highly advised that you refuse any such help and call All Sydney Tow Truck right away to avail the most trusted towing services in town.

2) Incomplete or Inaccurate Quote

This is another scam you may fall for. Most companies provide you with an incomplete quote and later on tack up a number of service fees and other charges. When you are calling All Sydney Tow Truck, you shouldn’t be afraid of the incomplete or inaccurate quote as we guarantee to provide the exact same charges as mentioned beforehand the procedure begins.

3) Incomplete Paperwork

When the tow truck shows up, make sure to collect all the paperwork for your records. Don’t let them tow your vehicle if you find any deficiency or something vague in paperwork. Drivers of All Sydney Tow Truck make sure to offer licensed automotive maintenance.

4) Towing Company with a Single Towing Destination

Never settle for your car to be towed to a single destination recommended by the tow truck driver. These companies will only tow to a specific automobile shop, which means you will be at the mercy of any extra charges that might come from that shop or the towing service itself. All Sydney Tow Truck caters destinations all around Sydney 24/7.  

All Sydney Tow Truck is the highly reliable roadside assistance providers in town. Keeping all the above points in view, All Sydney Tow Truck has set up such a system that counters all the reservations of our customers and provides them with a tension-free towing experience against very economical charges.


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