Investing in a tractor, especially in the long-term, is a tremendous undertaking. No one can deny this fact. However, can every farmer truly say that they know about every component, or every factor one must look into before buying a tractor? Well even if you can, a quick little revision wouldn’t hurt. So let’s get started:


Starting with the obvious, power is almost always directly proportional to performance. And even in the cases when it’s not, finding a combination of features that help a tractor with lesser power do the job equally well is no easy find. But no matter your budget, looking for a powerful engine that gives a tractor its ability to sustain a strong hydraulic lift and carry large and varied implements, and accessories like a tractor canopy without ever compromising the performance and productivity of a tractor should be your first priority.


Speaking of power, there is almost no use of having power without proper transmission. Here is where all those “supporting features” come in. In this case, having a good transmission system is something that will help each and every farmer truly harness the output capabilities of their tractors. So, what does it actually mean to have a good transmission system in place? Well, there are primarily two things. The first is to look at the gear ratios, i.e., how fast will the tractor shift gears from lower to higher gear in both forward and reverse? (since most tractors tend to have more than one reverse gear option). The second thing to look out for is the layout of the engine itself. From a straight layout to a V layout, horizontal or vertical, all these things can become a major contributing factor when it comes to choosing a tractor that is best suited to your farming needs. What’s more, choosing the right engine type for you could also mean easier lubrication and maintenance, all which is a big plus when it comes to looking to make any long-term investments.

Hydraulic Lift

Another very important factor to look at when it comes to choosing a brand new tractor for yourself, is its hydraulic lift capabilities. This means how much can the tractor lift? A higher number will not only help you to carry greater loads in terms of crops and wood, but also use heavier and more power implements along with the tractor, should it support them. The combination of both these benefits not only makes a tractor more appealing, but also offers any farmer a much higher level of productivity and performance out of the tractor that they choose.


Finally, no tractor, regardless of how much power it is packing, how slick the transmission is, how heavy it can lift, is of any use to a farmer if it is not user-friendly. Now, saying that a tractor is or is not user-friendly is a very broad term, and can obviously be subjective. However, when it comes to ease-of-use, there is no doubt that that is at least one unifying factor which can even make it a selling point for a tractor. How easily and comfortably can someone use your product without needing much input from the user and much maintenance or repair becomes a big bonus, especially when it comes to Slow Moving Consumer Goods (SMCGs) such as tractors.

So, taking all that into consideration, what’s the solution here? Is there even one? Can a farmer possibly find a tractor which offers the best of all the features mentioned above, and hopefully, even more? Things such as electronics, accessories, implement compatibility, cooling, fuel consumption etc., even though not mentioned, are definitely factors which highly influence both existing and potential customers in terms of their loyalty towards a brand.

If you are looking for a specific tractor model to meet all these requirements, then look no further than the Digitrac PP51i. Here’s a rundown of the features the 60HP tractor has to offer:

  • 60HP @2000 RPM
  • 540 + MRPTO
  • 8F+2R Constant Mesh gearbox
  • Double Clutch Transmission
  • 1800 kg Hydraulic Heavy Lift

Just one look at this rundown and you immediately realise the sheer power and performance levels that the tractor is packing on all fronts! Now, time to make your farming legacy come true with Digitrac 51i!