It has not been a long while since people started shopping online and those who did were considered way ahead in that time. Ever since the common thought of how to shop online has transformed to how frequently one does it. Well certainly, e-commerce has changed how goods market work and there is still a long way to go!

Of all that’s been selling online, there have been two most popular categories that have taken the online market by storm: the foremost is Tech-products and the other is Fashion products. Both verticals have seen phenomenal growth like never before. From local selling to international selling, there is everything you can access of a distant market on your fingertips, right from the comfort of your personal space. The mammoth growth of e-commerce giants and their competition with traditional retail presents a challenge for upcoming and niche fashion brands. But with a strategic approach towards technology and a clear focus, niche fashion brands still have a lot going for them.

With the ongoing brute competition between physical retail and e-commerce brands, the consumer seems to be at the winning end. Both the platforms have been aggressively aiming to pursue customers, in their best respective ways. While physical retail have been trying to establish an online presence, the online brands like have been exploring options to create physical connection points with customers.

In such a scenario, what we at KOLKOZY have learnt is that quality and correct pricing, will always keep you up and flowing. Every other brand that is seeking to establish their identity through physical retail and with an online presence are seeing immense challenges in creating a loyal audience and keeping sales high enough to sustain the business. We specialize in products that are a fusion of cosmopolitan style and modest fashion for all women. Modest fashion is one of the Kolkozy’s most notable specialities, perhaps influenced by the aristocratic lineage and cultural heritage that lives on in the nobility and grace exhibited by Islamic women.

Kolkozy brings a notable variety of women wear from Moroccan Kaftans to exquisite Wedding Dress, Salwar Kameez to Abayas contemporary styles that are otherwise a rarity in global markets. Our Hijabs are perfect accessories for completing the look of a modern Muslim girl or woman, and such Islamic fashion is making heads turn around the globe.