When a person wants to relax with the family or friends, it is best to have a nicely designed pergola for this purpose. It can be a simple shade or a beautiful walkway, which makes the outdoor space of a house more eye-popping. The pergola provides shade from the harsh sunlight, rain, and snowfall so that residents can enjoy the beauty of the outdoor landscape. Architects can suggest pergolas of different designs, fitting to the external architectural style of the house.

Various styles of pergolas popular at home:

  • Classic romantic pergola: It is a traditional design of the pergola that consists of white rafters, lateral trellis, and purlins. It can be decked with sofas, a small center table, and a short fountain, making it a perfect space for spending lazy afternoons.
  • Cedarwood pergola: As ordinary wood tends to rot after a few years, cedarwood is an ideal material for making more durable pergolas. This wood is highly resistant to insect invasion, rotting, and decay, making the pergola last for many years. As cedarwood creates a more robust structure, small potted plants and decorative lights can be hung from the roof of this pergola.
  • The sleek and modern pergola: This contemporary design of pergola consists of a flat and straightforward structure of rectangular shape. It is quite famous for the poolside as a complementary structure of a patio. It can be adorned with a small fire pit and cozy sitting arrangements, along with a slat table to match the decor.
  • Pergola with side curtains: The privacy of the pergola can be enhanced by adding several curtains made of translucent sheets. These curtains can be consist of thicker materials for better privacy of residents. Prints of large patterns and vibrant colors curtains add to the grandeur of the pergolas by stylishly covering all three sides.
  • Vinyl pergola: Instead of wood, vinyl, or PVC, is used for making this pergola, which is more durable and demands lesser maintenance. It is resistant to termites, warping, rotting, peeling off, splintering, or discoloration. Thus, it is a cost-effective option for house owners and can be created within a limited budget.
  • Garden corner pod: This type of pergola is perfect for a small-sized backyard. It looks like a picturesque box, where all items of comfort can be added. It also fits into most types of outdoor decor and helps people to hold outdoor parties in all weather conditions. Such pergolas are also preferred for perfect privacy while enjoying the party.
  • Pergola with paper lanterns: This pergola can be decked with colorful paper lanterns hanging from the roof. You can choose these lanterns of any shape, size, and color as per the rest of the decor items placed there. Not to mention, people may also create such paper lanterns with simple DIY techniques, with various types of papers.

Few advantages of installing pergolas:

  • The beauty of the backyard is boosted by constructing a pergola of suitable design. All these pergolas of exclusive designs can make the landscape more attractive.
  • As a pergola is an open construction, it offers an airy and spacious seating arrangement that is more comfortable than any confined living room.
  • A pergola can offer support to creepers and climbers that increase the greenery of the garden. Plants like grapes, wisteria, rose, ivy, and clematis can easily climb the side lattice of the pergola.
  • House owners do not need to spend a lot of money on the installation and maintenance of a pergola. The simple wiping with a damp cloth is enough for keeping this space clean from dust and stains.

Thus, it is wise to contact reputed contractors to build pergolas of suitable designs, shapes, and sizes at the backyards of residential houses.