The MBA also termed as the Master of the Business Administration is the globally-acknowledged degree that is created to establish the ability that is necessary for the course in the management and business program. The importance of the MBA program is usually not defined rigidly to the world of the business. The MBA is very essential for those that are following the administrative career in the private or in the government sector. Most of the MBA programs usually consists a core syllabus of the subjects like the Marketing, operations, accounts and economics as well. The MBA program also consists of few electoral courses by which the students can choose their own professional or the personal interest.  Is work experience necessary for MBA is a question that arises in mind of each candidate who is willing to go for the MBA program as Most of the reputed universities require that the candidate must have done the internship at any company by which they can easily attain a well job after completing their program. 

Having the financial stability:

Usually all the students are aware of the fact that the business schools are very expensive but if the students choose to work after completing their college they will be more financially stable while attaining the MBA program and even after completing it. Most of the business organizations help their employees by personally taking charge for their degree that makes it very easy for them to attain a MBA degree. The course contents can help one to have complete knowledge about respective field and get a better job with good perks and pay. Hence the root of better financial stability in future lies in the clearance of this course with a good rank and that too from a reputed business school or university. 

Having the soft skills:

Is work experience necessary for MBA is a frequently asked question by many and the answer is yes as the students that have done a job before taking the admission in the MBA program will have the communication and other professional skills that will help them to easily improve their professionalism. The working environment offers various opportunities to be able to enhance these qualities which will be used in their MBA program. The course as well as internship can help one develop his professional personality with the effective learning of soft skills. 

Being independent:

The students may face a lot of the pressure in their personal life as well as from the school that they are attaining their MBA program and the un-experienced student will get affected by this but the students who are having the working background will be having their own perspective by which they will not feel pressurized. 

Having the clear vision:

The students having the working background will be having the clarity in their carrier and they can well define their goals after they get the admission in the MBA program. 

These are some of the benefits of this course which can help one know if he should have experience in the field or not.