Excavators are heavy machines that are pricey, but purchasing a used excavator is one of the wise decision which helps save money. However, the decision of buying a used excavator can be costly, if proper examination and precautions are not done. Neither new machines nor used-excavators should be purchased without a thorough examination. Nowadays, online searching and reviews provide the perfect opportunity to find the right used excavator supplier who offers good quality used excavators at surprising prices. To determine the value of a used excavator in which you are interested, check the following things when buying a used excavator.

Movement of the used excavators

The slew ring of the used excavator should be checked. The damaged slew ring is one of the most important things that should repair or replace from used hydraulic excavators. This makes sure that the rotation of excavators is perfect and smooth. The bearing has a play limit, so it’s important to measure and check it against specs. Always look for the movement at the boom connection point. Ideally, all the bushings and pins of the used excavators should be tight otherwise, it will lose the accuracy of excavators.

Cracks, dents, bends, and leaks:

There are not good signs of any machine. Especially, the cracks and dents exist in key connections point welds like between the boom, stick, and bucket of the used excavator. The existence of these damages can mean the overall structural integrity has a negative effect. The damages should be repair or replaced before the final purchase.

Always check all lines, hoses, and cylinders of the excavators. All the leaks and dents need to be repaired to ensure the safe and hydraulic excavator’s constant operation. The large dent’s existence on the undercarriage of the hydraulic excavator or the top of the stick can mean the excavator was used without proper care by the operator.

Inaccurate hour meter:

The hour meter should be verified beforehand and authenticated to ensure that the proper hours have been logged onto the excavator. The control pedals should be checked, if it’s not working properly or if there any question the reading validity.

Tires of used excavator:

Tires are one of the expensive and most important parts of the excavator as it is earth moving equipment. The existing condition of the used excavator tires should be inspected. Moreover, determine the number of hours on the used excavator tires.