Are you looking for something constructive and simple while you are at home? How about a wireless surveillance camera on the porch? I installed a cheap model last year, but I have to constantly replace its AA batteries, about every three weeks. However, YI Technology has a solution. Kami’s new wireless outdoor camera contains four rechargeable lithium batteries that must be charged for six months. If you are finding platform that offers high quality outdoor camera, you can check

I already have several security cameras of this brand in the house and I really think they are top notch in terms of quality, easy setup and use as well as intuitive phone app features. But this new circular camera goes much further. After unpacking, simply use the included installation kit and mount the circular base plate where you can screw it in, then fix the base.

I think it’s great that it’s completely wireless. Some outdoor cameras I’ve tested need to be connected. What’s the point if you want to place the camera high and out of reach, like on a front door? So no hub or subscription required. Just download the free and recently improved app and pair the camera once. For me, it works on our home WiFi network. Once installed on the base, the camera can rotate at any angle.

The video quality is also excellent. You can view high-resolution 1080p images and enhanced night vision functions at 20 frames per second and through a 165 ° wide-angle lens with 1.8 aperture. Audio and optics are excellent, especially compared to other popular brands. Advanced motion detection reduces false alarms caused by moving trees, floating flags, or distant cars with the PIR motion sensor.

I have been using this camera for over two weeks and it works perfectly. And believe me, with such portable surveillance cameras, problems often arise early.