When you have used drugs or alcohol for years, it is not easy to stop it suddenly. There are many best drug rehab centers you can visit for treatment. However, you should keep in mind that recovery and relapse can occur together. Both are parts of your ongoing journey. Some of the patients getting treatment see relapse as a failure. However, relapse should not be seen as a failure because of the following five reasons.

Addiction Is A Disease 

In the best rehab centers, help qualified therapists offer is called treatment. They call it treatment because addiction is a disease. Relapse is not a failure as alcohol or drug addiction is a chronic relapsing illness. Experts have done a lot of research work and it is a fact that addiction is a brain disease. The ability of the brain to experience pleasure is weakened. This also affects the brain’s ability to respond to stress. 

It also creates cravings and when cravings are not satisfied, this often leads to unpleasant emotions. This disease also impairs the functioning of brain’s regions responsible for controlling inhibitions, regulating behavior and making decisions. It is a disease that affects the working of your brain. Relapse is a part of this disease.  

Relapse Is Common 

Don’t forget that it is a part of recovery. The National Institute on Drug Abuse presents statistics showing that 40-60% of patients relapse even when the treatment is completed. The rate of relapse in the case of high blood pressure, asthma and other physical illnesses is between 50-70%. Keep in mind that there are moderately high chances of relapse after treatment. This shows that relapse is common. So, it should never be seen as a failure. 

Recovery Is A Journey  

Most of the patients know that recovery is a journey. However, they don’t remember that it is a lifelong journey. Recovery is a form of remission. You cannot deny the possibility of relapse. Keep in mind that recovery is about making progress.          

Recovery can mean that someone is making progress but is not a cure. As it is a lifelong journey, no single event can cure addiction suddenly. You are likely to experience a relapse. 

Relapse Indicate That You Need To Change Treatment  

Relapse is not a failure. It is a sign indicating that there is something wrong with the treatment. It is time to alter your treatment plan. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, you should discuss your treatment with your therapist. Your current treatment is not working. Or, you need to return to treatment. You should develop better relapse prevention strategies. These strategies can help in reducing the risk of relapses in the future. A good relapse plan can help in identifying the early signs of relapse. You can develop coping skills to deal with cravings, stress and other issues. You can also take advantage of relaxation techniques and cognitive therapy. 

You Are Building A New Life 

During your treatment, you have to create a sober lifestyle. You have to change your past habits. You should understand that relapses can occur during your journey to building a new life. Changing your habits and life is an important step in recovery. You should avoid people using drugs. You should also avoid places where people use drugs or alcohol. These changes are not easy. Relapses may also occur along the way. However, it is not impossible to lead a sober life. With treatment in one of the best drug rehab centers and peer support, you can build a new sober life. 

You just need the right treatment and company of the right people.