While upgrading the Outlook or Office in macOS, you might get the error – Outlook cannot upgrade the database message; please check error file for extra information. The issue erupts because of a version modification of Outlook or the incompatibility of PST file with the latest version. If you need to solve the error, then this post might be useful for you. Keep on reading to follow the instructions.

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Outlook Cannot Upgrade the Database in Mac

If you don’t have any idea, PST file is a database that holds all documents of Outlook. Ensure to take the backup of PST file before applying any recommendation. You may apply a backed up PST file if there is any data loss.

  • Boot the macOS in Safe Mode
  • Rebuild the Outlook Profile
  • Make the latest Outlook Profile then set as default

It can be either a profile that may be corrupt or installation has the problem. Moreover, ensure to let auto-updater download and install a new version while upgrading it. It mostly works better in comparison to download and install the new version.

Boot the Macos in Safe Mode

Similarly, in Windows, we will ensure that there will be no third party plugin that is blocking the Outlook. You need to boot macOS in the Safe mode and check whether it works or not. It works, then it will be the third party plugin compatible. Find and disable it to check whether it resolves or not. The safe mode avoids the startup items and signs in items from launching automatically, and the loads need only the kernel extension.

Force the Rebuild Outlook Profile

The process is when you may not modify or change the Outlook profile. The name of the default profile in macOS is the major profile. Ensure to quit or end Outlook before moving further.

If you want to force the rebuild outlook profile, then abide by the given steps:

  1. Use Command key + Spacebar to launch the finder.
  2. Insert Outlook Profiles.
  3. Tap to launch when it displays.
  4. Head over to Outlook 15 Profiles.
  5. Click on Main Profile.
  6. Select the Data option.
  7. Find the email database that is the Outlook.sqllite. Copy to the other location and then remove it from the source.
  8. Launch Outlook, and then it will pop up that there are some issues and Outlook required to rebuild the profile or database.
  9. Hit the Yes option, and it will take more than hours to fix it.

As the repair is finished, Outlook will ask to download something post that must solve the problem.

Use the Outlook Profile Manager to Make the New Profile

If you want to use the Outlook profile manager to make the new profile, then you can follow the provided steps:

  1. Launch the Finder.
  2. Insert Applications.
  3. Then you will locate the 2 applications file. One including the username and one without. Launch the later one.
  4. Find the Microsoft Outlook inside it.
  5. Right-click and then click on the Show Package Contents.
  6. Go to the Contents.
  7. Select the SharedSupport option.
  8. Locate then open Profile Manager.

If you are using Outlook 2011, profile manager will be situated in /Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Office/.

Through this, you will remove, make, rename, or modify the default profile. Choose profile option and right-click or apply + and – options to do it. If you made the new profile, highlight it and then use cog icon to customize it as default. Start Outlook so that it may use and begin with changes.

There are extra possibilities of a user getting such error while transferring from Outlook 2011 to Outlook 2016. Several people also reported that they had deleted the Outlook 2011 as they must have upgraded, and several others shared about making other users in macOS, and the entire thing works on the account.

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