We all know that Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular office applications, used for e-mail communication and managing personal information. Ms outlook. Saves all your information in .pst file format. All your documents such as e-mail, attachments, tasks, notes, journals, and other Outlook objects are saved in the file with a .pp file extension. You need to ban your valuable, confidential, and business important documents from unauthorized use. But if you make the mistake of losing or forgetting it, the situation is problematic and needs to be dealt with through the Outlook password recovery program.

People usually save their personal and confidential information in these PST files and do not want anyone else to access their files without prior permission. For that purpose, people use passwords that prevent unauthorized access to their documents. Most people use MS Outlook for many e-mail accounts and usually forget passwords and login information, which is the only way to access their important documents.

There can be several reasons behind the loss:-

(a) Forgot your Outlook PST password or mail account password that you (b)sed to lock your PST files?

(Lost the page where your password was written?

(c)After some time application and no clue about PST password.

All your daily important mails, contacts, appointments, tasks, and meetings are all lost due to just a small mistake, which you have not written your password properly in a safe place so that you can check in anytime without any inconvenience To cross.

You may already be trying to change outlook password with lists of Outlook passwords, but Outlook is not accepting your passwords and is looking for a solution that can recover your lost PST passwords. Will help you

Stellar Phoenix outlook account recovery the software can help you retrieve all passwords for all e-mail accounts created in MS Outlook. Instead of the exact password, the password recovery application displays a list of passwords that can open your pst file. You can choose any password to open your PST file. There is no need to be technically proficient to use this software due to its user-friendly interface. This Outlook password recovery tool performs instant recovery of PST password, features PST password with special characters, supports MS Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP), and 2000, recovered in-store notepad or any other text editor Information and a very interactive interface.