Today, I’m watching forsky Taranis qx7. This is a budget frsky transmitter; as you may know, frsky is a very popular brand in this hobby. Qx7 is a hybrid of Taranis plus and Horus. However, qx7 has kept the price to a minimum, but retains all the “must have” features.

Taranis plus has basically become the standard for Mini Quad car communities and enthusiasts. It’s not because it’s cheap. I think I bought x9d plus for $250, but its performance is excellent compared with its competitors, such as Futaba, Spektrum, FlySky, etc.

But because it is still beyond the price range of many people, frsky proposed the tarranis qx7 model. When I bought this, it cost about $99 without batteries.

If you start in a hobby, check out our frsky transmitter guide first.

After trying it out for a while, I can recommend this model to people who are just starting to use FPV, even intermediate users who want to try the frsky solution. As long as the price is reasonable, you can buy a good radio system.

The packaging of this radio is almost the same as that of any other radio set, which is wrapped in polystyrene foam and cardboard boxes. The radio comes with a neck strap, stickers and user’s manual. It’s small because it doesn’t contain batteries and chargers.

This radio is compatible with all the different frsky transmitter. This is the FCC version. If you have an EU version, it’s a bit different from the FCC version. So make sure you get the correct version of the Taranis radio receiver.

Be sure to check the instructions. It’s quite good. It will tell you all the different information about your rocker and joystick. It also tells you some basic information about channels and the different features compared to x9d.

We have dials instead of buttons, and the function is exactly the same. Taranis x9d only uses buttons. Dialing is definitely a good upgrade because you can browse faster menus.

The power switch is redesigned. It’s a little like a button. It lights up when you press it once.

The screen is smaller and the resolution is lower. It’s a little different to turn it on, you have to press it, it takes a long time to turn it off. I prefer switches, but that’s my preference.

It is obvious that the resolution of the qx7 LCD screen is slightly lower than that of the frsky transmitter Taranis x9d. There is no choice to change the color of the backlight – it’s something between blue and green.