Gamification in corporate training is the amalgamation of principles along with key gaming elements to deliver the requisite learning objectives, thus delivering a highly engaging approach to training.

Through Gamification, L&D teams are able to expedite the learning process.

  • As learners tend to achieve learning outcomes more effectively via an engaging journey rather than a traditional training approach.
  • An efficient Gamification strategy offers higher completion rates as well an improved recall and retention.
  • It can also be used to successfully help learners enhance the application of learning on the job as well as help them upskill.

Take a look at this video by EI Design as we share 5 killer Gamification examples that illustrate the value and the impact of Gamification for corporate training.



Practically speaking, you can use Gamification to enhance the impact of your corporate training strategy and evoke the best response in the following ways:

  • Enable learners to have fun while learning.
  • Apply their learning on the job (By offering practice zones featuring real-life scenarios, learners can perform exercises and develop their skills in a safe environment).
  • Bring about a change in behavior through a longer-term implementation of Gamification techniques.

We hope this video gives you cues to enhance the impact of your corporate training strategy by using Gamification.

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